7HZ Timeless AE 14.2mm Planar In-Ear Monitors IEMs

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Features:- >Large 14.2mm Ultra-thin Diaphragm Planar Magnetic Driver. >Co-designed, Co-tuned with AngelEars. >Dual-magnetic array. >Unibody CNC machined aviation-grade aluminum alloy ear shells. >New Blue ear shells. >Lightweight & comfortable design. >Adjusted tuning of OG Timeless for improved bass performance and cleaner treble response. >Includes New Modular Thunderbird stock cable. >Modular termination plugs. Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 14.8Ω. >Sensitivity: 104dB. >Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-40kHz. >THD+N: <0.2%. >Connectors: 0.78mm 2-pin. >Termination Plugs: 2.5mm+3.5mm+4.4mm Modular plug system. —SpecificationsSplit— 7Hz Timeless AE is a brand new special edition pair of Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs designed in collaboration with AngelEars. The “AE” in the name stands for AngelEars. It has got a new color scheme, a new upgraded modular cable, and a new tuning profile over the OG Timeless. With the Timeless AE, you are in for a great time as the pair delivers a powerful lower end with a clean midrange and a crisp treble performance!! Retuned Timeless With Improved Bass Response & Crispier Treble Performance:- Timeless is a highly-appreciated set of Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs from 7Hz. The new Timeless AE is a retuned version of the OG Timeless that brings better bass performance with a 3dB boost in the lower-end region. The midrange sounds as clean as ever with the Timeless, the Treble response is clearer and smoother compared to the OG Timeless. It produces a better soundstage presentation with a more 3D Immersive presence. High-Quality Thunderbird Stock Cable:- Timeless AE comes packed with an upgraded new 4-core silver-plated copper cable that is named Thunderbird. It has a swappable termination plug system and includes 4.4mm, 2.5mm, and 3.5mm replaceable plugs in the package. New Blue Colored Ear Shells:- Timeless AE features high-quality CNC-machined aluminum alloy ear shells. The color of the Timeless AE has also been changed from Black(OG Timeless) to a new rich blue color tone. The shells are crafted using high-quality aviation-grade aluminum material. 7Hz has also treated each ear shell with a durable enamel coating for better durability. 14.2mm Ultra-Thin Diaphragm Planar Magnetic Driver:- 7Hz Timeless AE adopts the same 14.2mm ultra-thin diaphragm planar magnetic driver as the OG Timeless. It houses a specially developed 2um ultra-thin, an ultra-flexible diaphragm that delivers fast transient performance and excellent dynamic range. The driver also benefits from a dual-sided N52 powerful magnetic architecture.  


Timeless AE

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