AUDIOSENSE AQ4 3BA(Knowles)+1Dynamic 2022 New Hybrid IEMs

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Note: Pre-order shipment will be processed in a month. Features:- >Deep Lower End Response With A 10mm Dynamic Driver. >Crisp High-Resolution Clarity With Three BA Drivers From Knowles. >Professional Three-Way Frequency Division. >3D Printed Resin Ear Shells. >Ergonomic & Lightweight. >High-Purity OFC Cable. >Universal MMCX Connectors. Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 10Ω. >Sensitivity: 101dB. >Frequency response range: 20Hz-22kHz. >Cable length: 125cm. >Insulation: 30dB. >Weight: 5.2grams(each ear shell). AudioSense AQ4 is the latest installment in the famous “AQ” series of hybrid IEMs by AudioSense. It is designed with a powerful 10mm dynamic driver with three high-performance BA drivers from Knowles. These drivers are arranged in a three-way frequency crossover, done professionally using acoustic tubes that go directly from the Driver s mouth to the ear nozzle. AudioSense has tuned the AQ4 for a natural and transparent sound profile allowing the user to enjoy multiple genres with the pair. Explore True High-Resolution Sound With Quad-Driver Hybrid Setup:- Audiosense AQ series has featured some really good multi-driver hybrid IEMs. The latest AQ4 has a four-driver hybrid setup per side arranged in a three-way frequency crossover. It has a 10mm dynamic driver and three high-performance BA drivers from Knowles. Audiosense has tuned the pair professionally for unmatched clarity and performance!! 10mm Dynamic Driver Producing Impactful Lower End Response:- With the help of a precisely tuned 10mm dynamic driver unit, the Audiosense AQ4 produces a powerful lower-end response. The pair maintains good clarity in the lower end with a well-textured bass that is fast and accurate. It complements the other frequencies very well with an impactful lower end. High-Resolution Clarity With Premium Knowles BA Drivers:- Audiosense has always trusted premium BA drivers by Knowles for its IEMs. They have equipped the latest AQ4 with three Knowles BA drivers for crisp midrange and treble response. They produce lovely vocals with outstanding clarity and a natural tone to them. The pair complements your favorite music with its detailed response, all thanks to the high-performance BA drivers by Knowles. 3D-Printed Medical-Grade Resin Shells:- Audiosense has made a name in the industry for its well-crafted resin ear cavities. AQ4 brings that legacy forward with high-quality 3D printed medical-grade resin cavities. They are lightweight and ergonomic ensuring a comfortable fit for most users. High-Quality Sound With High-Quality Stock Cable:- With the Audiosense AQ4, you won t feel the need to upgrade your stock cable anytime soon. It comes with a high-purity Oxygen-Free Copper(OFC) cable with eight strands of 19 pieces of 0.05 copper wires. Easy To Power:- Don t worry about the need for any special high-end gears with the Audiosense AQ4. The pair has a low impedance of just 10Ω and moderately high sensitivity of 101dB, it runs well off straight from a smartphone. Obviously with better gear you will hear sound cleaner with more dynamics but even with your smartphone you can enjoy your favorite music with the AQ4.    


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