AUNE Flamingo Bluetooth / BD Tube DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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Features:- >High-Performance USB DAC and Tube Headphone Amp. >Features both Tube & OPAMP-Based Amp Sections. >Seven Different Digital Filters. >High-Defintion Bluetooth V5.1 Connectivity(BT Variant Only). >BT Edition Supports High-Definition LDAC, AptX HD, and AAC codecs. >Premium HiFi-Grade Components. >Ultra-Clean Output With Dead-Silent Noise-Floor & Ultra-Low-Distortion. >MasterTape Level Decoding. >Supports Up to 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and Native DSD512 Audio Signals. >Coaxial Input Support. >OLED Display. —SpecificationsSplit— Aune Flamingo is a brand-new USB DAC and Tube Headphone amplifier with dual operating modes. It supports both the Tube amplification mode and the Op-AMP-based transistor amp mode. Both modes will allow you to have a unique taste with your IEMs and headphones. Aune Flamingo is a high-resolution USB DAC supporting decoding for high-resolution audio signals including up to 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals. Premium HiFi components including communication-level PCB, C0G capacitors, Low-ripple LDO, etc. allow the Flamingo to produce clean output with ultra-low distortion and dark, noise-free background!! Aune Flamingo takes your musical experience to all-new heights with its lovely sound presentation. Bring The Goodness of Tube To Your Desktop:- Aune Flamingo is a beautifully crafted tube headphone amplifier that brings the goodness of the tube to your desktop. It pairs nicely with your headphones and delivers a rich tonality and lovely vocals with a smooth warm touch. Dual-Operation Mode:- Aune Flamingo supports dual operation mode, it supports tube as well as op-amp amplification modes which are easily switchable on the device. Tube amp delivers rich, lush sound while the OP-AMP mode delivers cleaner, more precise sound. Master-Tape Decoding:- Aune Flamingo comes equipped with a high-performance decoding chipset. It supports decoding for high-resolution audio signals with ultimate precision achieving ultra-low distortion and high SNR values. Flamingo supports PCM signals up to 32-Bit/768kHz bitrate and DSD up to DSD512 natively. High-Definition Bluetooth Connectivity:- Aune Flamingo BT Edition supports high-quality Bluetooth connection supporting high-definition Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity. It provides a strong, stable, lag-free Bluetooth connection with high-definition LDAC and AptX HD codecs. Professionally Equipped For Top-Quality Performance:- Aune Flamingo is equipped with high-quality HiFi grade components including communication-level FR PCB material, C0G capacitors, low-ripple LDO, etc. This high-quality professional chipset delivers excellent performance with ultra-low noise floor and ultra-low distortion in the output signal.    


Flamingo Basic Version Without Remote Control, Flamingo BT Version Without Remote Control, Flamingo BD Version Withou Remote Control, Remote Control Only

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