AUNE XC1 Audio Clock

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Features:- >Made by an experienced team behind the highly acclaimed S1C audio clock. >2*2 sets of interface output. >Properly synchronize all your devices altogether. >High-quality audio components. >Panasonic or Sanyo audio capacitors. >Panasonic ECPU capacitors. Aune Audio has released their latest digital audio clock, the all-new Aune XC1 that uses a high-quality OCXO clock source and 2*2 isolated clocks for proper synchronization of all the devices in the chain. It is designed by the same team behind the well-known S1C audio clock by Aune. While most of the audio clocks in the market have a high price tag, the Aune XC1 brings you trusted performance at an attractive price. Bring Accuracy To Your Chain:- Bring proper signal accuracy and synchronization across your desktop audio chain with the Aune XC1. You can easily connect the latest XC1 with DACs, all-in-one desktop players, and other HiFi audio products in your chain. The XC1 supports four isolated outputs that work simultaneously to improve your audio experience. The Best OCXO Oscillator Clock:- Aune XC1 features a high-quality OCXO clock source. OCXO(Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillators) are the top-performing type of quartz crystal oscillator that is made to provide accuracy to your HiFi audio chain. High-Quality Audio Components For High-Quality Performance:- Aune XC1 has high-quality components on the audio motherboard. The brand has carefully chosen each and every single component to ensure quality performance. The motherboard plug-in capacitors use Panasonic or Sanyo capacitors, Panasonic ECPU capacitors on the clock circuit chip. The power supply here adopts a micro-volt noise-chip cascade to ensure a noise-free operation.  


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