AZLA SednaEarfit Series Silicon Eartips

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Azla is a premium replacement ear tips manufacturers that have a wide collection of high-quality ear tips designed for HiFi earphones. They have designed their premium ear tips after a deep study and analysis of over 1,500 ear shapes for over two years. Azla SednaEarfit Silicone Ear tips are a collection of high-quality skin-friendly silicone ear tips designed to provide the users with a better and comfortable music listening experience. The SednaEarfit silicone series comes in different inner shaft sizes divided into different categories so as to cater to the requirements of different ear nozzle diameters on IEMs. >SednaEarfit Series:- Normal hardness with a 10mm inner shaft length. These are designed for standard earphones with nozzle diameters between 5.4mm-7.2mm. >SednaEarfit Short Series:- Normal hardness with a small 8mm inner shaft length. These are designed to use with narrow nozzles usually found in Wireless earphones. Compatible with inner diameter 4.5mm to 6.7mm. >SednaEarfit Light Series:- These are soft hardness which is flexible and reduces the burden on the ear canal. These offer better comfort for long listening sessions. The SednaEarfit Light series has a 10mm inner shaft length designed for standard earphones with a nozzle diameter of 5.4mm to 7.2mm. >SednaEarfit Light Short Series:- Azla soft hardness ear tips that increase the flexibility of the ear tips ensure a comfortable and firm fit for the users. They have a short 8mm inner shaft length designed for wireless earphones with an inner diameter of 4.5mm to 6.7mm.


SednaEarfit, SednaEarfit Short, SednaEarfit Light, SednaEarfit Light Short


SS- 2Pairs, S- 2Pairs, MS- 2Pairs, M- 2Pairs, ML- 2Pairs, L- 2Pairs

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