AZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC Eartips For 4 – 6.5mm Nozzle

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Features:- >High-quality silicone ear tips. >Adjusts shape by Body heat. >Absorbs body heat energy & provides a comfortable fit for the users. >With a straight shape and wide bore design, it provides you with a natural and clear sound. >Comply with the FDA and EU10/2011 regulations, so you can safely and confidently use the Azla Sedna ear tips. >Available in multiple size options starting with SS(super small) to Large size. Azla Sedna Earfit is a widely recognized high-quality ear tips manufacturing brand. Xelastec is developed by Azla’s most advanced technology, through a very demanding and difficult process. All this is done to ensure a comfortable and firm fit with your favorite IEMs with no compromises in high-quality sound output. Softly Adjusts To Your Ear Shape:- Xelastec ear tips bring slight changes to their shape by absorbing body heat. The softly adjusted shape brings a natural feel and fits with our favorite IEMs. Straight and Wide Bore Structure:- Azla Sedna Earfit Xelastec has a straight tube and wide bore design. These are made not only to provide a comfortable fit for the users but at the same time present them with a natural performance of their favorite IEMs. The pair doesn’t sound the output in any way rather has a pure and natural presentation. Comfortable & Skin Safe:- Ear tips come in direct contact with our skin. They should be made with top-quality material so as to protect the users from any chances of skin allergy or infections. Xelastec ear tips comply with the FDA and EU10/2011 regulations, you can safely and confidently use the tips. Available In Multiple Size Options:- Xelastec ear tips are available in different size options. Users can buy the pair as per their ear size for a comfy experience. The pair is available in SS(small-small), S(small), MS(medium-small), M(Medium), ML(Medium-Large), and L(Large).


SS – 2 pairs, S – 2 pairs, MS – 2 pairs, M – 2 pairs, ML – 2 pairs, L – 2 pairs, SS + S + MS- 3 Pairs

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