BGVP DM9 9 Driver EST Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

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Features:- >Nine-Driver Tribrid Configuration. >Ultra-Detailed Sonion EST Drivers. >High-Performance Balanced Armatures from Sonion and Knowles. >High-quality 9.2mm Liquid Silicone Dynamic Driver. >Independent 4-Way Frequency Crossover. >Artistic Looks with Cured Wooden Ear Cavities. >OFC Silver-Plated Internal Wiring. >Modular Termination Plugs. >Comfortable & Ergonomic Design. >High-Purity 6N OCC Silver-Plated Graphene Mixed Hybrid Cable. >Modular Termination Plug System(3.5mm+4.4mm). >MMCX Connectors. >Professional Tuning Adjustments. >Hi-Res Certified. Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 30Ω. >Sensitivity: ≥110dB/mW. >Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz. >Distortion: <0.5%. >Rated Power: 179mW. >Connector Type: MMCX. >Termination Plug: 3.5mm and 4.4mm. —SpecificationsSplit— BGVP DM9 is the latest ninth-generation flagship from BGVP that brings us a combination of nine high-performance drivers on each side. Under a beautiful wooden ear shell, BGVP DM9 encloses four low-voltage EST drivers, one liquid silicone dynamic driver, and four high-performance balanced armature drivers. BGVP has arranged the drivers in a four-way frequency crossover for clean and accurate sound reproduction. With professional tuning adjustments, the DM9 delivers impressive sound with exceptional clarity and details. The pair is available in two striking color options and comes with a high-purity OCC Silver-plated graphene mixed hybrid stock cable. It has a swappable termination plug system with 4.4mm balanced and 3.5mm single-ended plugs included in the package!! Flagship-Grade Nine-Driver Tribrid Combination:- BGVP DM9 marks the latest flagship by BGVP. The pair houses a nine-driver tribrid configuration consisting of four high-performance balanced armature drivers, one custom-developed 9.2mm liquid silicone driver, and four EST tweeters. BGVP has used high-quality BA drivers from SONION and Knowles, the EST drivers are also from SONION. They ensure high-quality sound performance with the pair. Four-Way Frequency Crossover:- BGVP has arranged and tuned the drivers using a four-way independent frequency crossover technology. The pair has a 3D printed acoustic tube structure with four independent tubes ensuring a clean and precise output with lower distortion. The pair also adopts metal acoustic damping that ensures accurate frequency division and stronger analytical power. Artistic Finish With Nebula Dyed Wooden Ear Shells:- BGVP DM9 features an exquisite finish with premium cured Nebula Dyed wooden ear shells. The shells have a wooden grainy texture with a combination of bright and dark color tones. Each shell has a completely unique look to itself with wooden dyed patterns. High-Purity Single-Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Welding Wire:- DM9 adopts high-purity monocrystalline copper silver-plated welding machine wire. The wire core is covered with an insulating sheath that has high conduction efficiency and ensures smooth signal transmission with lower internal resistance. Custom-Like Comfort:- BGVP has designed the latest DM9 with a custom-like comfortable fit. The pair has been designed after deep research on huge data comprising thousands of ear prints. The arc of the shells has been optimized to ensure a comfortable fit for most users without any external pressure or air pressure buildup. High-Purity Stock Cable With Swappable Termination:- In order to deliver outstanding sound, BGVP DM9 comes with a high-purity 4-strand 6N OCC Silver-Plated Graphene mixed hybrid stock cable. BGVP has featured the highest-quality single-crystal copper wire core that delivers high signal conductivity and allows for smooth transmission of the sound signal. This cable has MMCX connectors and features swappable termination plugs. You will get 3.5mm single-ended and another 4.4mm balanced plug in the package.


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