BGVP Melody 2022 New Flagship DD In-Ear Monitors

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Features:- >Third-Gen BGVP 12mm Dynamic Driver. >High-quality composite diaphragm coil. >Double Rear Cavity Structure. >Premium 5-axis CNC machined metallic ear cavities. >Swappable Tuning Nozzles. >Ergonomic and Comfortable. >Two stunning color options. >High-purity Graphene Silver-plated copper mixed cable. >Interchangeable Termination Plugs. >Standard MMCX connectors. >Premium Accessories. Technical Specs:- >Impedance: 18Ω. >Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz. >Sensitivity: 106dB. >Distortion: ≤1%. >Channel difference: ≤1dB. >Weight: 6.0g each. —SpecificationsSplit— Meet Melody, the latest flagship single dynamic driver IEMs from BGVP Acoustics. Melody gets a unique geometric look, the pair looks modern with skillfully combined polygons and lines. BGVP adopts their in-house developed 12-mm large third-generation dynamic driver on the Melody. It produces a lively sound performance with amazing clarity and punch, pretty sure the BGVP Melody will fill your audio journey with its musical melodies!!! Large 12mm In-House Developed Dynamic Driver Unit:- BGVP Melody adopts the third-generation BGVP in-house developed 12mm large dynamic driver unit. This driver uses a high-quality lilin03-carbon crystal polyurethane composite diaphragm. The magnetic circuit inside the DD unit features NdFeB double strain magnets producing a powerful 1.5T magnetic flux. The cavity of the driver is made using gold-plated brass material for a more concentrated sound performance. This precisely designed dynamic driver unit produces a powerful sound performance with the Melody delivering quality bass, refined vocals, and detailed instruments, a tuning that is gonna complement different genres of music well. Dual Rear-Cavity Structure:- BGVP has treated the “Melody” with a double rear cavity structure on its shells. This double-rear cavity increases the sound wave loss in the air by increasing the sound wave propagation space. It enables the pair to have a clean and refined sound presentation. Exquisite Metallic Ear Cavities:- BGVP has designed its flagship single DD IEMs with a high-precision 5-axis CNC engraving process. The shells undergo 14 different processes including 5-axis CNC engraving, 3 times of atomization, 39000 knives finish milling, 2 times of exposure, etc, all this for a refined, premium finish with the set. Professionally Adjusted Tuning With Swappable Tuning Nozzles:- BGVP has got years of expertise in tuning and designing different IEMs. They have used that experience in tuning the “Melody” delivering a rich and lively sound presentation. It comes with three replaceable tuning nozzles which users can easily swap for their preferred signature with the sound. The pair includes a Rose Gold nozzle for a balanced output, a Silver nozzle for a musical tuning suitable for classical music, and a Red nozzle for a pop tuning suitable for most genres out there. High-Purity Graphene Silver Copper Hybrid Cable With Swappable Termination Plugs:- BGVP Melody comes equipped with a four-strand 560-core Litz coaxial braided hybrid cable. BGVP has featured graphene, copper, and silver mixed material for the cable. It has a swappable termination plug system with easy switching between 4.4mm, 2.5mm, and 3.5mm termination plugs. Ergonomic & Lightweight:- Designed with great precision and high-quality light-weight material, the ear shells for Melody have an ergonomic shape and a lightweight design. They sit firmly into your ears and provide you with a comfortable listening experience.  


3-in-1 Plug, 3.5mm With Mic


Grey + Gift MMCX Wire Pulling Tool, Silver + Gift MMCX Wire Pulling Tool

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