Black Oriolus Earphone Denmark Sonion BA Driver +10mm Custom Dynamic

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  Jaben@Oriolus Smooth, full, warm, delicate Custom African ebony Cable Divider and slider Gold plated 3.5 single-ended plug US imports 6N single crystal copper wire . Feature: 1*Dynamic(Low)+1*BA(Mid) +2*BA(High). The Mini Audio carefully tuned for 2 years Denmark Sonion BA Driver +10mm custom dynamic drive Sound characteristics of Black Oriolus: warm, rich, charming, popular weapon, featured in human voice! . Color :   Black Oriolus Logo edition  Black Oriolus carbon fiber version SPEC: ·Sensitivity:114dB ·Impedance:16Ω@1khz ·Connectors:3.5mm/2.5mm ·Line Length:1.2m ·Frequency Range:8-25000Hz ·Ohno continuous casting Wire ·Driver Configuration:      1*Dynamic(Low)      1*BA(Mid,Sonion)    2*BA(High,Knowles ) . Q&A : Q: How to properly plug and unplug the wire? A: Hold the cavity in one hand and pinch the pin in the other hand. The golden part of the rear part is [vertically] pulled out, and it is forbidden to swing and pull left and right. Q: How can I tell if the pins are correctly inserted into the cavity? A: First, there is a red word on the unit cavity is right, the blue word is left, R (right) and L (left) on the pin. When inserting the pin into the cavity, the cavity of the decent plate (plane) keeps upward. At the same time select the appropriate wire and put the pin head with the card Groove side also upward, and then use a slight force to plug or remove.  Warranty Terms: In terms of Unit, non-human damage warranty for 1 year. In terms of Wire non-human damage warranty for half a year. Accessories are not guaranteed . . The correct wearing way Mini Audio Focus on audio for 20 years The origin of the Oriolus series Speaking of the Oriolus plug series, we must start with the Mini Audio. Founded in 2006, Mini Audio is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of audio-based Hi-Fi products. In 2006, it developed the world s first portable audio amplifier MAD-01 powered by two industrial lithium batteries and the first portable amp MAP-212 with replaceable mobile phone battery. And the studio first applied balanced amplifier to the headphone amplifier. In 2011, the Android platform was used to develop the world s first reference-level audio player DX100. Today, the company has a large number of classic products, audio decoders (DAC), audio players and headphone amplifiers. Mini Audio enjoys a reputation in the industry for its innovative spirit and has received praise and support from a large number of users. Since 1993, the founder of the studio has been engaged in the design and development of home audio in the foreign companies, mainly was the OEM and ODM of Tianlong, Tom, Lion, Harman Kardon, Marantz, Soundcraft, cyrrus and other well-known audio brands with extensive product development experience. Many members of the MiniAudio development team have been in the audio product development field for more than 20 years. The senior R&D team is the guarantee of quality and performance! Hibino Intersound is a large-scale professional audio equipment distributor in Japan. It has been working with Mini Audio for many years and recognizes Mini Audio s technology and tuning style. So Hibino asked for his own understanding of the HIFI market, and asked Mini Audio to develop a high-end earphone. Over the past two years, an earphone with a fascinating sound that can be touched by music enthusiasts! The sound from the earphones are so clear and pleasing to the ear, it is easy to reminiscent of the call of oriole standing on the branch, so it was named Oriolus. Chinensis, Chinese name Black-naped Oriole, referred to as Hei Haungli! The fans nicknamed the bird plug! First product and then the brand Oriolus born! Oriolus went public on May 28, 2015 Forsteni went public on September 28, 2016 Mellianus went public on on September 18, 2017


Carbon fiber edition, Logo edition

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