CCA BTX Wireless Bluetooth Ear Hook Module

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Features:- >High-performance QCC3040 Bluetooth chipset. >Wireless Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity. >Supports Hi-Res AptX Wireless codec. >HiFi Music Mode. >Low-latency Gaming mode. >Lightweight & Comfortable. >Automatic connection. >Long battery life. Technical Specifications:- >Battery capacity: 35mAh(earpiece), 800mAh(charging case). >Battery life: Up to 5 hours on a single charge, up to 45 hours with the charging case. >Bluetooth connectivity: V5.2. >Bluetooth transmission distance: up to 15 meters. >Type-C charging port. Want to take your IEMs wireless?? CCA has introduced its latest High-Res TWS ear hook modules, the CCA BTX. These feature the latest generation QCC3040 BT chipset that provides you with Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity ensuring exceptional wireless performance for your HiFi IEMs. High-Res Bluetooth Connectivity:- With the help of the latest generation QCC3040 Bluetooth chipset, the CCA BTX provides high-resolution Bluetooth connectivity. It supports an AptX transmission codec that enables the user to experience high-quality signal transmission over wireless connections. Latest Bluetooth Protocols For Strong & Stable Connection:- The latest QCC3040 Bluetooth chipset provides the latest Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity on the CCA BTX. The BT V5.2 connectivity offers faster connectivity, improved battery, better stability, and wide transmission area coverage. You won t have to worry about any signal breakage or loss, simply enjoy your favorite music on your favorite pair of IEMs wirelessly now!! HiFi Music Mode:- CCA BTX supports dual operating modes, the first being the HiFi Music mode. As the name suggests, this mode is dedicated to the transmission of the high-resolution lossless audio signal. With improved power in HiFi music mode, the CCA BTX allows your connected IEMs to perform to the best of their potential. To enable HiFi music mode, click on the left earpiece button three times. Low-Latency Gaming Mode:- The second mode on the CCA BTX is the low-latency gaming mode that takes the signal latency to as low as 40ms providing smooth, lag-free signal transmission suitable for fast-paced gaming and other media usage. Simply click on the right earpiece button three times for low-latency gaming mode. Long Battery Life:- CCA BTX can provide continuous music playback for up to 5 hours on a single charge. The charging case has a huge battery, it can charge the earpieces up to 9 times taking the overall battery life for up to 45 hours with the charging case. The charging case has ample space to store a pair of in-ear monitors connected with the BTX earpieces.


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