CVJ Freedom 1DD + 4 BA In-Ear Monitors IEMs

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  Features:- >Five-Driver Hybrid Configuration. >Brand New Nanophase Ceramic Vibrating Colorful Diaphragm Dynamic Driver. >Four High-Performance Customised Balanced Armature Drivers. >Four Tuning Modes with Two Tuning Switches. >Luxurious Metallic Face covers. >Comfortable & Ergonomic Shape. >High-Purity OFC Stock Cable. >Modular Termination Plug. Technical Information:- >Impedance: 22Ω±15%. >Sensitivity: 113dB±3dB. >Frequency Response: 20hz-20kHz. >Connector Type: 0.75mm 2-pin Connectors. >Termination Plugs: 2.5mm+3.5mm+4.4mm. Introducing the all-new CVJ Freedom, an advanced five-driver hybrid IEM with adjustable tuning switches. The pair houses a combination of one customized dynamic driver with four high-performance customized balanced armature drivers. The DD unit here uses high-performance Nanophase ceramics colorful vibrating diaphragm that produces a strong lower-end. CVJ has adjusted the BA drivers for crisp midrange and high-frequency bands. Using tuning switches, the performance of these BA drivers can be adjusted for four different tuning profiles. CVJ Freedom looks absolutely amazing, it has luxurious metallic face covers with a rich matte finish available in Green & Black color options. Two Tuning Switches, Four Tuning Profiles:- CVJ has implemented studio-level electronic frequency division technology on the Freedom. The four BA drivers can be adjusted for performance using electronic switches. It enables four different tuning profiles on the pair. Both switches down will enable 1DD+1BA setup, first up and second down give 1DD+2BA setup, first down and second up will give 1DD+3BA setup, and both switches up will give the full 1DD+4BA setup. Five-Driver Hybrid Configuration For True Hi-Res Audio Performance:- CVJ Freedom houses a five-driver hybrid configuration featuring a customized dynamic driver for strong lower-end reproduction and four customized balanced armature drivers for nicely textured midrange and detailed treble response. The four drivers are precisely adjusted using electronic crossover technology for uninterrupted sound performance with low distortion. Brand-New Nanophase Ceramic Colorful Vibrating Diaphragm:- In order to produce a strong lower-end frequency band, CVJ has featured a customized dynamic driver on the Freedom. This driver adopts brand new nano-phase ceramics colorful vibrating diaphragm that creates the perfect sense of depth and rumble in the low-frequency region. Luxurious Metallic Facecovers:- CVJ Freedom features precisely designed metallic face covers. The shells have skillfully carved outlines on the face covers that create the perfect combination of light and shadows. It has a rich matte finish and is connected to a transparent resin shell for a premium in-hand experience. The shells have an ergonomic shape which provides a comfortable wearing experience. High-Quality Stock Cable With Modular Termination:- CVJ Freedom comes with a high-purity 400core 5N OFC oxygen-free copper cable that reduces signal loss during transmission, sound attenuation, and microphonic effects. It ensures high-fidelity sound signal transmission and has a comfortable PU housing for a sturdy build. The cable adopts 0.75mm two-pin connectors and allows the user to easily replace the termination plugs. CVJ bundles the cable with 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs in the package.


Freedom – Black, Freedom – Green

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