DD ddHiFi DJ44C Pro 4.4mm Female to 3.5mm Male Earphone Adapter

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Features:- >High-Quality premium 4.4mm Female to 3.5mm Male Connector. >Solid CNC Machined Finish. >High-Quality Pentaconn 4.4mm Female Socket. >Thick 24K Gold-Plated 3.5mm Single-Ended Male Plug. >High-Quality Nye Single crystal copper 49-core internal wiring. >CNC Machined Front and Rear Cavities. >Premium 4.4mm female to 3.5mm male connector. >Solid Build. >Compact Structure. >Easy to carry and store. DD HiFI DJ44C Pro is a premium 4.4mm female to 3.5mm male adapter that comes in handy when you want to pair your balanced 4.4mm terminated headphones and earphones with 3.5mm single-ended devices. It comes as an upgrade to the DD HiFi DJ44C with an improved build, improved connectors, and even improved internal wiring. All this has been done to improve the audio experience for you!! Premium CNC Machined Shell Design:- The DD HiFi DJ44C Pro adapter features CNC machined metallic from hand rear cavity structure. The unit itself is properly sealed and has a rich, smooth finish. The front and rear cavities are separately designed and then plugged together as a single-body design. Premium Pentaconn Connectors:- The DD HiFi DJ44C Pro adapter adopts a high-purity Pentaconn headphone socket. The 4.4mm socket port features a pentaconn socket that has a fully symmetrical network connection with a full contact piece. The connection to 4.4mm termination plugs will be solid and stable. Nyx Premium Copper Internal Wiring:- In order to improve the sound signal transmission quality, DD HiFi has upgraded the internal wiring on the DJ44C Pro adapter with high-purity Nyx specially developed 49-core single-crystal copper material wiring. As we all are aware, high-quality wiring results in smoother sound signal transmission. Primary Upgrades Over DD HiFi DJ44C:- The Pro Model not only has improved looks over the standard 4.4mm adapter. The new DD HiFi DJ44C Pro adapter has got improved high-quality NYX copper wiring, solid CNC machined metallic build and a high-quality Pentaconn connector socket.


DJ44C Pro

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