DD ddHiFi RC100C RCA Plug OCC Copper Coaxial Cables

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Specification: Model: RC1OOCName: RIA Plug OCC Copper Coaxial CableWire: 99.9999% OCC 75Ω Coaxial Audio CableConneItor: RCA PlugLength: 50cm and 100cm for option Critical Use of Material for Coaxial Wire To ensure reliable and accurate transmission on the coaxial cable, the center conductor of the RC100C adopts a high-standard shielding of coaxial structure, which features a 99.9999% high purity OCC copper conductor rated at 75 S impedance. Its thicker wire diameter also ensures impedance consistency which is also crucial for the transmission of coaxial signals. It is available in two lengths option of 50 cm / 100 cm. Built-in RCA plug For a connecting cable that is supposed to plug into the device, the exposed metal parts of the plug are easy to oxidize. However, the grounding plate on the plug has a dust-proof protective shell, which can effectively isolate dust. Arc Shell Design At the tail end of the plug shell, there is a concave a design that prevents hard creases when the cable is inserted, effectively protecting the joint of the cable.


RC100C 50cm, RC100C 100cm

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