DUNU SA6 MKII / MK2 6BA In-Ear Monitors IEMs

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Features:- >Six high-performance Balanced Armature Drivers. >Precise Dual-Way Three-Way Frequency Crossover. >Two Adjustable Tunings with Tuning Switch. >Original Solid Stabilized Wooden Face Covers. >Handcrafted Finish. >Optimised Shape For Comfy Design. >Outstanding Sound Capabilities. >Crisp Clarity, Outstanding Resolution. >Includes S&S Eartips with newly-launched XL Size. >Newly-designed Protective carrying case with DUNU logo. >Premium Hulk Pro Mini Cable. >High-Quality Furukawa Single-Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Internal Wiring. >Q-Lock Plus Interchangeable Termination Plug System(Includes 3.5mm+4.4mm plugs). Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 24Ω. >Sensitivity: 114dB. >THD+N: <0.5%. >Frequency Response: 5Hz-40kHz. >Cable Connectors: 2-pin 0.78mm. >Termination Plugs: 3.5mm+4.4mm. Introducing the all-new DUNU SA6 MK2, an upgrade to the classic Studio SA6 IEMs. The pair has been designed from the ground up based on the suggestions and feedback on the OG Studio SA6 and the Studio SA6 Ultra. DUNU has equipped the set with six high-performance balanced armature drivers from SONION & Knowles. In order to deliver outstanding sound performance, the pair has been designed with high-quality Furukawa single-crystal copper silver-plated internal wiring. SA6 MK2 takes your listening experience to all-new heights with its unmatched clarity and details. —SpecificationsSplit— The Upgrades in SA6 MKII >Upper treble is raised for a more natural soundstage and increased details. Refined treble response improving clarity. >Upper midrange is smoother for a more accurate vocal and instrument presentation. The 3-5 kHz dip was adjusted for better vocal clarity and instrument separation >Bass on the MKII is increased to achieve a more engaging experience while keeping a clean midrange. >The bass of MKII under Standard mode is similar to the Ultra s bass switch-on, and MKII bass mode comes with even more bass. >XL eartips of S&S included at size 13mm. >The shape of IEMs is optimized for the most comfortable wearing experience while remaining stylish. >NEW, protective, rigid carrying case with DUNU logo >NEW Mini hulk copper cable with 2 detachable terminations: 3.5mm unbalanced  4.4mm balanced >A beautiful new wooden faceplate design with unique red patterns for each IEM. The overall tonality is neutral with a slight bass boost With the switch on, neutral with a bigger bass boost with noticeably more clarity and air than the ultra. High-Performance 6 BA Driver Audio Architecture:- DUNU has equipped the all-new Studio SA6 MK2 with six high-performance Balanced Armature drivers from SONION and Knowles. The pair adopts dual SONION woofers, dual midrange drivers from Knowles, and dual Treble drivers from Knowles. The pair is adjusted in a three-way frequency crossover for clear frequency division and response. New, Improved Sound Tuning:- Based on the user feedback on the OG Studio SA6 and Limited Edition SA6 Ultra, the sound tuning of the SA6 MK2 has been revamped to match the requirements of users worldwide. It now has improved three-frequency response promising deeper lower-end impact, cleaner midrange accuracy, and airier, wider treble extensions. The pair will definitely match the different genres and provide a blissful listening experience. Stunning New Handcrafted Ear Shells:- DUNU Studio SA6 MK2 has got stunning new looks. The shells look utterly beautiful as they are handcrafted with beautiful wooden face covers with a hint of red color to enhance the looks with a contrasting tone. The shells have an optimized shape for an ergonomic and comfortable wearing experience. Premium Hulk Pro Mini Upgrade Cable:- Just like the SA6 Ultra, the new SA6 MK2 is bundled with DUNU’s latest Hulk Pro Mini IEM cable as stock. Designed on the same architecture as the OG Hulk Pro, the Hulk Pro Mini has a lighter design with superb sound characteristics. It adopts DUNU’s patented Q-Lock swappable termination plug system with 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs included in the package. Overall Neutral Sound Profile With Slightly Boosted Lower-end Response:- In order to complement different genres of music well, DUNU has adjusted the tuning of the latest SA6 MK2 with a neutral tuning that has a slightly boosted lower-end response. The pair sounds amazing with sheer clarity, a lovely tone, and a punchy lower end!! Practical Set Of Accessories:- Apart from the high-purity Hulk Pro Mini Stock cable, the DUNU SA6 MK2 includes a bunch of ear tips including XL size S&S ear tips from DUNU, a designer solid carry case with DUNU Logo on the top. DUNU SA6 MK2 comes as a complete package to get you going straight out of the box!!


SA6 MK2 + Gift Divinus Velvet Tips Full +Gift HiFiGo Neck Strap

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