DUNU Titan S 10mm Dynamic Driver IEMs

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  Features:- >All-new Sandstone Black Finish. >Beautiful Combination of Classic Black and Red. >Cyberpunk-inspired techie design. >11mm Dynamic driver. >Multi-layered polycondensate liquid crystal polymer diaphragm. >Lightweight CCAW voice coil. >N52 neodymium magnet. >Dual-chambered housing. >Durable & lightweight. >High-purity silver-plated copper cable. > Over-ear-wearing design. >High-density zinc alloy ear cavities. >Nozzle Size: 5.13mm Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 32Ω @ 1kHz. >Sensitivity: 110dB. >Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.3%. >Frequency Response: 5Hz-40kHz. DUNU Titan S reboots their classic Titan series of budget single dynamic driver IEMs with brand new cyberpunk-themed ear cavities that house an 11mm dynamic driver. This dynamic driver has a polycondensate LCP diaphragm along with a lightweight CCAW voice coil and Neodymium N52 magnetic architecture. Explore the world of your favorite music with the brand-new DUNU Titan S. All-New Exquisite Sandstone Rich Black Finish:- DUNU has completely redesigned the Titan S with an all-new Sandstone Black finish. The pair looks elegant and classy in its all-new Black and Red color combination. The shell is crafted using new sandblasting surface technology bringing a comprehensive finish with smooth texture. The tuning and configuration of the all-new Titan S Sandstone Black is consistent with the trusted OG Titan S!! Spectacular New Looks With Cyberpunk Theme:- For the first time ever we have got a Cyberpunk Themed pair that looks simply spectacular in terms of build and design. Titan S revamps the classic Titan series of budget IEMs by DUNU in an all-new Avatar. Now listen to your favorite music with style with the techie Titan S. Powerful Sound With A Newly-Developed Dynamic Driver:- Complement your music with the best quality sound possible in the price segment with Titan S. DUNU has featured a newly-developed 11mm dynamic driver with the pair. This driver adopts a polycondensate LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm that provides exceptional performance with low distortion in the output signal. DUNU has carefully designed this driver with a lightweight CCAW voice coil and N52 magnets, expect nothing else but excellent performance with the Titan S. Cable That Complements The Titan S:- DUNU is well known for its high-quality cable offerings. They have included a monocrystalline copper and silver-plated copper mixed cable with a 3.5mm termination plug. For the first time, DUNU has featured over-ear wearing design for its entry-level monitors. They have also featured 2-pin connectors for the first time with the Titan S. Ear Shells Made With Durable & Lightweight Zinc Alloy Material:- DUNU has crafted the ear cavities for Titan S with utmost precision and detail. They have used high-quality lightweight and durable zinc alloy material for the cavities. Not to mention the stunning cyberpunk-themed design of the pair. They have designed the pair with an anti-resonance dual-chamber design for a comfy fit and smooth performance. 


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