E1DA 9038D6K USB Headphone Amp 3.5mm Jack Unbalanced Output DAC+HPA

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Note: Before you buy this product, please read the FAQ carefully. https://e1dashz.wixsite.com/index/faq Welcome to join our discord channel. https://discord.gg/U9Z28KC     #9038D6K According to multiple headfiers requests: 3.5mm jack unbalanced output DAC+HPA 180mW@32ohm in the same case as #9038SG3. The same as 9038SG3, 9038D6K will work with Tweak app. The DAC has virtually zero noise modulation behavior. Specifications: Status: Production Materials: Sandblasted/black anodized aluminum/laser mark/ES9038Q2M/OPA1622/OPA1602 Susumu resistors, Murata C0G caps, AVX tantalum caps, Taiwanese connectors Dimensions: 48x22x9mm Weight: 12g Power: USB +5V rail no internal battery, 105mA idle current, the device contains >6000uF of capacitance for the power rails filtering Input: USB-C, PCM up to 32b/384kHz, DSD256 USB bridge Comtrue CT7601CR custom FW Output: Standard unbalanced output 3.5mm jack, HW volume control .5db/step Output impedance: .07 Ohm@1000Hz Agilent U1733C Output power: 180mW@32 Ohm@1kHz@THD=1% 120mW@16 Ohm@1kHz@THD=1% Measured at +.5dbFS level, typical PC USB2 port powered The hot unit produces less power Frequency Response: 5-80kHz +.05/-1db@ 32b/384kHz SNR=DR@50MHz_MCLK:  126db(A) typical, referenced to 2.75VRMS 100% units are calibrated with the result printed on the case, >124db(A) is normal grade Please note, any user with Cosmos APU may calibrate 9038D by themself for particular headphones. INAD@1kHz@-.7dbFS BW 22-22kHz 118-120+db typical for 32b/44.1kHz@no-load THD@1kHz@-.5dbFS BW 22-22kHz <.0001% typical for 24b/44.1kHz@no-load THD+N@1kHz@-2.5dbFS BW 22-22kHz .00018%, SINAD 115db typical 24b/44.1kHz@32ohmTHD+N@1kHz@-7dbFS BW 22-22kHz .0005% typical for 24b/44.1kHz@16ohm(-6dbfs correspods 120mW) Crosstalk: -135db@1kHz no-load, -82db@1kHz 32ohm load The Windows driver is here. FW tools are here Warning: 9038D6K contains a high-sensitive I/V stage that may cause audible noise when your phone uses LTE,4G,5G.   Tech appendix Conventional PC USB2 port, 10Kohm vs 32ohm loads THD+N   Conventional PC USB2 port, 10Kohm load THD+N vs time   Conventional PC USB2 port, 32ohm load THD+N vs time   Conventional PC USB2 port, AES17 Dynamic Range A-weighted vs time   Frequency response PCM384 Slow Lin. Phase filter 10-40000Hz at -0.2db     Nearly ideal square wave 1kHz PCM384 Slow Lin.Phase filter at 200MHz BW scope   Square wave 1kHz PCM192 Slow Lin.Phase filter at 200MHz BW scope   Square wave 1kHz PCM96 Slow Lin.Phase filter at 200MHz BW scope   Square wave 1kHz PCM44.1 Slow Lin.Phase filter at 200MHz BW scope   24b/44.1kHz 1kHz -0.5dbfs FFT no load   24b/44.1kHz 1kHz -2dbfs 150mW FFT 32ohm load   24b/44.1kHz 1kHz -2dbfs 40mW FFT 32ohm load   24b/48kHz 12kHz -2dbfs FFT no load      




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