E1DA Cosmos Scaler High-Performance Low-noise Low-distortions Variable Gain Pre-AMP

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    Specifications: Device purpose: Ultra-low THD+N variable gain buffer for Cosmos ADC   Materials: Sandblasted/black anodized aluminum/laser mark/OPA1612+OPA1656 composite,Viking resistors,Murata, Samsung C0G caps, Taiwanese connectors/relays Dimensions: PCBA 90x50x29mm104x61x39mm   Weight: PCBA 40g / 160g   Power: USB-C +5V rail, <500mA current   Input: 2 channels balanced 200/100kOhm bal/unbal 3.5mm jack up to 20/10Vrms bal/unbalIf only the left input is plugged, the signal is routed to the right channel as well, to implement MONO mode for Cosmos ADC. Cosmos APU s short cables are suitable for Scaler as well.  Output:  2 channels balanced 20/10hm bal/unbal3.5mm jack up to 20/10Vrms bal/unbalCosmos APU s short cables are suitable for Scaler as well.   Variable gain table:   in db 0, 7, 10.7, 13.38, 15.788, 17.38, 18.673, 19.844, 21.08, 21.98, 22.764, 23.513, 24.336, 24.965, 25.527, 26.07816 positions controllable by the knob, in the “Auto” position Scaler works like a ultrafast autoranger(100mS) with the left channel target 4.5Vrms.The right channel output voltage is ignored. 20Hz-20kHz is the valid frequency range for autoranger.   Frequency Response:  .2Hz-570kHz @ 26db gain +.5/-3db, .2Hz-7..11MHz @ 0db gain 10MHz area depends on a cable(Scaler s output is stable up to 7m of mic cable) capacitance  Residual Noise:    250nVrms(A) @ 26db gain typical    Distortions: The only indirect measurement method is available at such a low level due to a huge loop gain OPA1612+OPA1656 composite(170db@1kHz/130db@10kHz)Something like 100x times less than Cosmos ADC or H3 -175db@1kHz at 0db gain Crosstalk: L->R -133db, R->L -158db@1kHz unused input is shorted @0db gain 


Cosmos Scaler

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