ECCI YST-03 High-Resolution Jewelry-grade Look Dynamic In-Ear Fitting Monitor

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Features:- >Triple Driver Hybrid Setup. >Dual Customised High-Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers. >10mm Dynamic Driver With CCAW Voice Coil and Silicone Suspension. >Professional Acoustic Tuning. >Stunning Look. >PVD Gold-Plated Panel Mount. >Dyed Abalone Shell. >Easy To Drive. >High-Purity 5N Single-Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Cable. >Ergonomic & Comfortable. Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 25Ω±15%. >Sensitivity: 102dB/Vrms. >Distortion: <1%. >Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-40kHz. >Connectors: 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. >Termination Plug: 3.5mm. Let’s enjoy our favorite music with style with the all-new ECCI YST-03 triple driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors. With stunning Jewellery like looks, the pair features dual customized BA drivers and a 10mm dynamic driver unit. YST-03 ear shells have a PVD-gold plated face panel frame with dyed abalone shell making a beautifully textured look. A Pure & Musical Sound With Triple-Driver Hybrid  Configuration:- ECCI YST series features a hybrid driver configuration. The series pursues a natural and pure high-resolution sound response. YST-03 is equipped with a three-driver hybrid configuration housing dual customized high-frequency balanced armature drivers and one 10mm dynamic driver. The drivers are arranged in a two-way frequency crossover using physical frequency division and RC circuit frequency division techs. This enables the pair to produce an accurate sound with good clarity throughout a wide frequency response range. Looks That Catches The Eye In An Instant:- ECCI has featured a PVD gold-plated frame on the beautiful face covers of the YST-03. The face covers have a dyed abalone structure with a high-transparency resin shell for a jewelry-like textured finish. Each face panel gets a unique look of its own that makes each and every single unit of YST03 stand out on its own. Comfortable In-Ear Fitting:- ECCI has designed the ear shells of the YST-03 IEMs in an ergonomic shape. The compact cavity structure is crafted after a study on a huge data of human ear canals. The pair conforms to the shape of the human ear, supported by memory PU ear hooks near the connectors, the pair sits firmly into the ears and promises a comfortable wearing experience for long listening hours. Professional Tuning Adjustments For High-Resolution Sound:- With the help of professional and experienced acoustic engineers, ECCI has tuned the YST-03 IEMs for a detailed and spacious sound response. Don’t go on the compact size of the YST-03 shells, the pair produces a large sound stage with good clarity and a smooth response throughout a wide frequency response range. High-Quality 2-Pin Stock Cable:- YST-03 IEMs have a swappable cable design. The pair adopts standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors that allow the users to change the cable to their liking. It’s a high-purity single-crystal copper silver-plated cable with a 3.5mm termination plug. Easy Drivability:- ECCI has designed the YST-03 with easy drivability. The pair doesn’t require much power, it can be powered fairly easily using smartphones. For best performance, we recommend using a Hi-Res player because it will have better decoding and amplification.


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