Effect Audio CODE Series CODE 23 / CODE23 Selected Premium UP-OCC Copper Litz Earphone Cable

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Features:- >Premium Top-Quality Copper Cable. >Selected Premium UP-OCC Copper Litz Wire Structure. >13 Multi-Sized Core Bundle With Solid-Core Design. >Proprietary Multi-Size Strands Blend. >16.5 AWG 2-Wire Configuration. >Rich & Thick Build Structure Design. >EA Ultra-Flexi Insulation. >ConX & TermX Basic Sets Interchangeable Connectors and Plug System. >Available For Both IEMs & Headphones. —SpecificationsSplit— Effect Audio brings us a high-purity pure copper cable, the Code 23. Code 23 is a perfect blend of pure sound and modern design, it’s probably the thickest cable currently available in the market. It’s a pure copper cable designed with top-quality copper material. It will be suitable for both IEMs as well as Headphones!! Flagship-Sound With Pure Copper Cable:- Code Series of cables has always focused on delivering the best quality possible to its users. After multiple rounds of experimentation, Code 23 is crafted using top-quality copper material wire cores. Code 23 lets you explore your music with a warm, lush, and emotional sound presentation!! Thick 16.5AWG Dual-Wire Configuration:- Code 23 is one of its kind cable in the market with thick wire strands. Effect Audio has designed the cable with 16.5AWG cables, they are about 10 times thicker than a standard 26AWG cable. Code 23 has got 2-wire strands with 13 cores each. Effect Audio’s First Solid-Core Cable:- A solid-core cable is a superior electrical conductor that provides higher-level and stable electrical signal conduction while being vibration and corrosion-resistant. Effect Audio Code 23 is the first solid-core cable by the brand, it will definitely bring you exciting and engaging performance compared to other braided structure designs. Optimum 13-Core Wire Strands:- As per countless experimentations by Effect Audio, High-Resolution can be perceived with a perfect ratio of bundle cores to single wire strands. Code 23 has an optimum positioning of 12 cores surrounding a single solid core for a single strand. Code 23 has got two-wire strand configuration. Effect Audio Ultra-Flex Insulation:- Protecting the sound signal from external electromagnetic interferences, Effect Audio has designed the Code 23 cable with its patented Ultra-Flex insulation coating. Each wire strand is insulated from the other giving the cable a flexible and comfortable in-hand build. ConX & TermX Interchangeable Connectors & Terminations:- Code 23 features Effect Audio’s self-designed ConX & TermX swappable connectors and termination plug system. ConX allows you to change the cable connectors including MMCX, Two-Pin, and more options. TermX will allow the users to swap out the termination plugs. Engaging Sound With lovely Midrange & Powerful Bass Response:- Code 23 helps your IEMs to produce engaging midrange performance. The cable greatly enhances the vocals and instruments with your IEMs. They also improve the lower-end performance of your IEMs and headphones with improved sub-bass frequency performance.            


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IEM Connectors

ConX Basic Set(MMCX, 2Pin 0.78)

IEM Terminations

TermX Basic Set (2.5 /3.5 /4.4)

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