Effect Audio ConX / Con X Basic Set & Full Set Connectors-2Pin(0.78mm) /MMCX /IPX /A2DC /Ear Connector

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Options: 1) ConX Basic Set: 2-Pin (0.78mm) +MMCX 2) ConX Full Set  2-Pin (0.78mm) MMCX Ear Connector(Pentaconn Connectors) IPX A2DC 3)MMCX/Ear Connector/IPX/A2DC Options can be added on individually as well. ConX allows you to simply click the top-end connector of your choosing into your cable, providing maximum versatility for your favorite cables. You no longer have to choose which IEMs to buy a cable for, and which not. Through rigorous testing, we sourced the best materials to ensure the connector s resistance is kept at a minimum. As a result, the performance of the ConX connectors is on par, if not exceeding those of most connectors on the market today when it comes to sound quality – just as you have come to expect from Effect Audio. ConX will initially be available for 2-pin, MMCX, A2DC, Ear, and IPX Connector. This product page is for the ConX connector only.


ConX Basic Set: 2-Pin (0.78mm) + MMCX, ConX Full Set: 2Pin+MMCX+IPX+A2DC+Ear Connector, ConX Single: MMCX, ConX Single:IPX, ConX Single: A2DC, ConX Single: Ear Connector(Pentaconn)

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