Effect Audio Signature Series CADMUS 8 Wires Earphone Cable With ConX Interchangeable Connector

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Specification Selected Premium UP-OCC Silver Plated Copper Litz Septuplet Multi-sized Core Bundle EPO* 24 AWG 8 Wires EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation ConX ™ Interchangeable Connector Rhodium Plated Brass Straight Type Plug —SpecificationsSplit— Note: We don t ship to HK and the UK for Effect Audio Cables to respect the brand s distribution policy. Con-X: innovative interchangeable concept for connectors where it allows you to simply click the top-end connector of your choice into your cable. Some examples are 2 Pin, MMCX, Ear Connector, A2DC, and IPX.  ConX-ready with 2-Pin connector included The Cadmus has got a brand new 8-Wire variant today. With Double the wires as the OG Cadmus, the new Cadmus 8-WIre has got a thick, robust build structure. Thanks to Effect Audio’s excellent craftsmanship, the cable maintains the softness and rich, textured finish of the OG model. Cadmus 8 Wire reveals more details and brings a tall, wide soundstage. It’s the perfect cable for your everyday Hi-Res musical sessions!! Innovative Design Approach: Applying Effect Audio s Ergonomic Performance Optimization, we achieved outstanding flexibility and maneuverability without compromising on audio quality. The result is a magnificent solid cable with an ideal comfortable fit for a long-wear audio entertainment anywhere. The Swift Hero With all great Greek heroes, Cadmus presents itself as an accomplished all-rounder. Under his well-polished image, Cadmus is fuelled by his thirst for revenge. Every blow is dealt with extreme speed. Boasting a premium UP-OCC Silver Plated Copper Litz cable, the low end is now bold but controlled. With the CADMUS, the star here is a higher resolution sound coupled with an outstanding treble response – providing a suitable amount of crisp without sounding harsh. Set out on an extraordinary adventure with CADMUS, one that is filled with wonder and discoveries. Be ready to uncover the truth. Hear what others have to say about Cadmus 8W: Deferenz, Head-Fi: “There’s lots of air around instruments and vocals and I’m getting a 3D type feel to the music. Vocals seem more forward than with the 4W but not in any way harsh or aggressive. The treble still extends here, but unlike with the 4W I personally find it to be more controlled which fits well with my own preferences.” Dsnuts, Head-Fi: “Cadmus 8w, a work of art. Light cable enthusiasts need not apply. Cus the 8w Cadmus is double the material. However the standard Cadmus is no pushover, if you want something a bit lighter, I have no reservations recommending the standard 4w version, but if you want a cable that makes your IEMs sound the absolute best they can be, the 8w version to me is special. I have tried easily a dozen IEMs using the 8w and it enhances all of it.” Suman, the headphone list: “I love the mid-range and the mid-forward nature of this cable impressed me the most and the 8W version brings even more attributes to this signature. To be truthful, this 8W is a bit less mid-forward but brings in a lot more information into the mix. It’s like listening to a mid-forward Evo 10. Loving this signature is easy. I love the extra bit of bite and definition with the vocals. While the 4W is a bit cushy and forgiving this 8W is a lot more revealing and exposes minor deformations in mastering.”


2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.,4mm

Connector Type

ConX 2Pin 0.78, ConX 2Pin 0.78mm+MMCX



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