Effect Audio Signature Series Eros S 1st Anniversary Limited Edition 8 Wire Earphone Cable

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Technical Specification:- Selected Premium UP-OCC Pure Sliver Litz and Pure Copper Litz Hybrid Septuplet Multi-Sized Core Bundle 26 AWG 8 Wires EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation  ConX™ Interchangeable Connector  Rhodium Plated Brass Straight type Plug Cable Design:- Signature Series Customized Design Y Splitter – Polished and Brushed Aluminum with Forged Carbon Fibre, Black  Plug Case – Polished and Brushed Aluminum, Black  ConX shell – Anodized Aluminum, Black Slider – Brushed Aluminum, Black EA UltraFlexi™ Insulation – Stardust Noir Carrying Case:- Chamber-Ready** Cloth Pouch  1680 Oxford Cloth, Sandwich Cloth & Microfiber Leather  Diameter: 98mm Thickness: 29mm,  Color:  Themed after Stardust Noir – Midnight Black with Gold stitching SOUND For this new series, we are putting our brand out there – Effect Audio, as a testament to great sound. Over the years, many economical options have emerged and we are eager and confident to show that with our experience, we have what it takes to provide for exceptional value while exceeding sonic expectations for an entry level cable. MATERIAL While approaching the sound design and pushing the limits of what our cables can sonically achieve at the given price range, we ensured that only the top grade materials are used. Applying the lessons learnt from our flagship models and experience gained over the years, we are able to design and execute new outstanding cable geometries and structures to achieve the audio quality that is worthy of Effect Audio s stamp of approval. DESIGN In order to provide even more value to our customers, we have proudly designed a custom Y Split and Termination just for this Series. From the intricacy of multi-sides polished/brushed aluminum mix to the raw beauty of the Forged Carbon Fibre, the design team spared no effort in creating an aesthetic that is a feast for the eyes. Eros S 1st Anniversary Edition Product:- Step into a dazzling carnival of sound and style as we proudly present – Eros S 1st Anniversary Edition. The Eros S 1st Anniversary Edition features a special Stardust Noir color scheme – a blackout sleeve adorned with shimmering gold accents, reminiscent of the vibrant explosions that touch the dark skies with a tinge of vivacity during festive occasions. Just as each firework illuminates the darkness, Eros S 1st Anniversary Edition brings a touch of magic and celebration to your audio experience. This exceptional offering is not only a tribute to the immense love and support showered upon our brand and the Signature Series cables, but also a heartfelt gesture of gratitude towards our cherished Effect Audio community.  Experience the magic of celebration and the power of gratitude with the Eros S 1st Anniversary Edition. Celebrate with us and indulge in the sheer joy of music as it comes alive through our craftsmanship and audio performance. It s time to make your own fireworks, revel in the delight of sound, and commemorate this 1st-anniversary milestone with a truly extraordinary edition of the Eros S cable. Fireworks sparkle the brightest in the darkest of nights. The Eros S 1st Anniversary Edition also comes with a black Y-split and connector and its famed forged carbon fiber, reminiscent of the pitch-black sky, highlighting the gold accents seen shimmering across the cable.           

Plug Type

Eros S 1st Anniversary 2.5mm- ConX 2Pin 0.78, Eros S 1st Anniversary 3.5mm- ConX 2Pin 0.78, Eros S 1st Anniversary 4.4mm- ConX 2Pin 0.78

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