Fidue Artemis Piezoelectric Ceramic + Graphene + 4 Custom BA Hybrid IEMs

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Revolutionary Triple Hybrid Multi-Driver Structure, Combining Three Different Characteristics of the Drivers into One Custom design for Artemis, UHF piezoelectric ceramic driver, enhance UHF and overtone details after 15kHz. The graphene bass dynamic driver specially designed for Artemis shows the overtone details of the bass instrument. Use Complete Titanium Alloy Raw Materials to Make the Earphone Cavity In order to make the titanium alloy cavity close to the characteristics of “vibranium”, such as strong hardness, high internal friction, good density, and lightweight, we abandoned the current common 3D printing method and adopted the more difficult single-density consistency and more guaranteed high Precision CNC and high gloss polishing process. Chamber Air Flow Enhanced Design C.A.F.E. technology further reduces low-frequency standing wave, achieves a balanced distribution of energy in each band and displays a broad sound field scale.  Selected 8-Core Single Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Audiophile Braided Cable Provide a convenient and complete balanced earphone interface for different users and various balanced output devices 4.4mm 5-pole balanced plug 2.5mm 4-pole balanced plug 3.5Pro 4-pole balanced plug 3.5Pro 4-pole balanced to 3.5mm single-end stereo cable Comprehensively updated ergonomic data makes Artemis easier to wear and more comfortable Spec.  Driver: 4 customized Balanced Armature, 1 Piezoelectric ceramic, 1 Graphene Impedance: 20 Ω Power: 50mw Frequency: 3-48,000 Hz Sensitivity: 113 dB Distortion: <1% Cable Length: 1.3m


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