FiiO FD11 10mm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitors With 0.78mm Detachable Cable

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Features:- >Dual-Cavity 10mm Dynamic Driver Unit. >Carbon-Based Diaphragm. >Liquid Die-Cast Zinc Alloy Construction. >Asymmetrical Internal and External Magnetic Circuits. >C-Shaped Acoustic Flute Design. >Finely-Tuned Frequency Response. >Hi-Res Audio Certified. >0.78mm 2-pin Connectors. >Triangular Ergonomic Design. >Stunning Looks. >Comfortable Wearing Experience. >Easy Drivability. >High-Quality OFC Cable. >Includes Premium HS18 Silicone Ear Tips. Technical Specs:- >Impedance: 24Ω@1kHz. >Sensitivity: 111dB/mW. >Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz. >Connector Type: 0.78mm 2-pin. >Termination Plug: 3.5mm Gold-Plated Copper Plug. FiiO FD11 is a brand new single dynamic driver IEM that promises outstanding sound clarity to its listeners. The pair houses a 10mm dual-cavity dynamic driver which adopts a high-quality Carbon-based diaphragm to produce impactful sound with a balanced three-frequency response. You get an impactful lower end, crisp midrange, and a smooth, detailed treble response. FiiO FD11 has got the brand’s innovative C-shaped acoustic flute that elevates the sound quality performance of the pair!! Experience rich timbre and a lovely sound with the all-new FiiO FD11!! High-Quality Sound With High-Quality Dynamic Driver:- FiiO has crafted the 10mm dynamic driver of the FD11 with the same materials as they have designed for the FH15 and FF5 IEMs. FD11 gets a serious boost in its sound capabilities with this premium dynamic driver unit. It features a dual-cavity design and a carbon-based diaphragm material. It grants the pair a highly-responsive sound that has a smooth timbre and minimal distortion. Asymmetric External & Internal Magnetic Circuits:- FiiO has featured second-generation asymmetric internal and external magnetic circuit systems on the FD11. The pair has been designed using finite element simulation optimizing the magnetic circuit design to generate a strong and powerful magnetic field. This results in a higher magnetic field density enabling switch movement of the diaphragm promising quality sound output. Exquisite Design, Comfortable Fit:- FiiO FD11 is designed with the ultimate craftsmanship from the brand. The pair features high-quality zinc alloy material shells that are decanted into the shape and then polished and electroplated to treat the users with an exquisitely finished product. It has a Conch-like shape. The pair has an ergonomic shape that promises a comfortable wearing experience for the users. C-Shaped Acoustic Flute Design:- FiiO has implemented its C-Shaped acoustic Flute within the ear shell of the FD11. It notably improves the sound performance, especially improving the lower-end response. When air moves through the FD11 shells, the C-Shaped acoustic flute helps to increase the viscosity of the air and reduces the resonance in the output signal. It helps in improving both mid-bass and sub-bass quality!! Finely-Tuned Frequency Response Curve:- FiiO is among the most experienced brands in the HiFi audio industry. They have finely adjusted the tuning of the FD11 to deliver a clean and detailed sound response. The pair has a strong midrange clarity, bringing in realistic vocals!! High-Quality Stock Cable:- FiiO FD11 comes with a high-quality stock cable. It’s a high-purity 4-strand oxygen-free copper wire with 120 wire cores on each strand. The high-quality oxygen-free copper material greatly enhances the performance of the pair by providing smooth signal transmission and low internal resistance.



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