FiiO Q7 Flagship Desktop-Class Amplifier MQA Decoder Portable Bluetooth Digital USB DAC/AMP

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Features:- >Flagship ESS ES9038Pro DAC Chipset. >Supports high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and Native DSD256 signals. >Dual THX AAA 788+ Headphone Amp Circuits. >Latest XMOS XU316 USB Processor. >Bluetooth QCC5124 Qualcomm Chipset. >Supports USB Type-C, Coaxial, Optical, and Bluetooth inputs. >High-Res LDAC APTX HD, AptX Adaptive Wireless Codecs. >Headphone Outputs: 3.5mm, 6.35mm Single-ended+ 4.4mm, 2.5mm Balanced. >Reliable Dual Independent Power design. >Can work as both Portable as well as Desktop Modes. >Whopping 3000mw Output Power. >Five-Level gain Modes. —SpecificationsSplit— Presenting the all-new FiiO Q7, the ultimate flagship USB DAC/AMP from the house of FiiO. It is based on the successful architecture of M17, FiiO’s flagship digital audio player. Q7 Houses premium flagship-grade components like ES9038Pro DAC, Desktop-grade THX AA788+ dual AMP circuits, the latest XMOS XU316 16-core receiver, Qualcomm’s latest QCC5124 Bluetooth chipset, etc. Q7 Promises top-tier performance and delivers it gracefully with its flagship-grade audio circuitry. Choose the Q7 as your USB DAC/AMP if you prioritize performance over anything else!! Not Just Portable, But Transportable:- FiiO Q7 breaks the boundaries of portable devices. It’s a highly-capable device that got a dual power design. Users can use it portably with the in-built battery or they can connect it to a DC power source and take the performance to an all-new level of awesomeness. It has USB Type-C, Coaxial, Optical, and Bluetooth inputs. Flagship Sabre DAC Chipset:- FiiO Q7 houses Sabre’s flagship ES9038 Pro 32-bit DAC chipset at its heart. It provides extremely clean sound signal decoding achieving best-in-class ultra-low distortion, and noise-free sound decoding. Latest-Gen XMOS USB Processor:- FiiO Q7 adopts XMOS’s latest 16-core XU316 USB receiver chipset. It enables the Q7 to decode high-resolution 32-Bit PCM and native DSD signal decoding. Extremely Powerful Output With Dual THX AMP Circuits:- FiiO Q7 is a powerhouse, it houses boatloads of clean output power that can drive the most demanding sets on the planets with ease. Q7 comes with dual THX AA788+ amplification circuits that provide up to 3000mW of output power. It has five-level gain modes including a high-power over-ear headphone mode. High-Resolution Bluetooth Connectivity:- Q7 supports high-resolution Bluetooth connectivity with the help of Qualcomm’s latest QCC5124 Bluetooth chipset. It supports high-resolution wireless codecs including LDAC, APTX HD, AptX Adaptive, etc. Your Headphone Hub:- FiiO Q7 houses multiple headphone output ports including 3.5mm single-ended, 6.35mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced, and 4.4mm balanced headphone ports. With its five gain levels, you can connect high-sensitivity IEMs to high-power requiring Headphones.


FiiO Q7

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