Final Audio Type E Series Silicone Eartips for 3.5mm-5.5mm nozzle SS / S / M / L / LL

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Final Audio is a well-reputed HiFi IEM and Headphone brand with a wide collection of premium and affordable products. They also offer a wide collection of premium replacement ear tips. Final Audio Type-E series Ear Tips are designed for a perfect fit with skin-friendly silicone ear tips. They are available in five different sizes starting with SS, the smallest, and going up to LL, the largest. LL = height 9.5mm, outer diameter 13.3mm L = height 9mm, outer diameter 12.5mm M = height 9mm, outer diameter 11.8mm S = height 9mm, outer diameter 11.1mm   SS = height 8.5mm, outer diameter 10.2mm  Nozzle mouth in all sizes is 3.5mm. Tube Diameter is 3.5mm to 5.5mm.  Designed For Comfortable Fit:- Final Audio Type-E series Ear tips are precisely created with optimum aspect ratio with high-quality skin-friendly silicone materials. With an optimum shape and material, the E series reduces the feeling of forceful insertion of ear tips into the auditory canal allowing the users to achieve maximum comfort. Experience True Sound Performance With Proper Isolation:- Final Audio Type E series Eartips provide maximum comfort with proper isolation of the user from ambient background noises. This allows the users to experience the true sound of the earphones improving bass and treble extensions. Compatible With IEMs From Multiple Brands:- Final Audio Type E series of IEMs are compatible with thousands of products from multiple brands including 1More, 64 Audio, AAW, AKG, Astell & Kern, Audio-Technica, Beats by Dre, Beyerdynamic, BGVP, Campfire Audio, Denon, DUNU, Empire Ears, Fearless Audio, FiiO, HiFiMan, Jabra, Jaybird, JBL, Jerry Harvey (JH Audio), JVC, Kinera, KZ Audio, MEE Audio, Meze Audio, Monster Noble Audio, RHA, Shanling, Shure, Sony, Strauss & Wagner, Tin Audio, Westone, and more. Elegant And Classy Clear Red Axis Final Audio Type E Eartips:- The Clear Red Axis Final Audio Ear Tips are transparent with a red inner nozzle(To distinguish between sizes, the LL, M, and SS sizes have a pink axis). Compared to the Black, the Clear version has softer surface fluency. With these, the bass tones become a little lighter, high-pitched tones clear, and the overall sound has better clarity.


SS, S, M, L, LL


Black, Clear/Red, Clear, White


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