HarmonicDyne Athena Studio-Grade 50mm Metal-Ceramic Composite Dynamic Driver Headphone

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Features:- >50mm Metal-Ceramic Composite Driver. >High-Performance Ultra-Fine Voice Coil. >High-Flux Magnetic Enclosure. >Studio-Grade Tuning. >Balanced Sound with 3dB Sub-Bass Boost. >Innovative M-shaped Side Venting System. >Improved Airflow. >Pure and Clean sound. >Ergonomic Headband with Wider contact area. >Soft Cushion Layering. >Comfortable Suede Fabric Ear Pads. >Custom-developed Coaxial OCC Cable. Technical Specifications:- >Driver: 50mm Dynamic Driver. >Acoustic Design: Semi-Closed. >Impedance: 34Ω@1kHz. >Sensitivity: 116.5dB/Vrms. >Frequency Response: 10Hz-70kHz(Free-Field). >THD+N: 0.2%@1kHz. >Headphone Connectors: Dual 3.5mm. >Termination Plug: 3.5mm stereo plug. >Dimensions: 210*175*105mm. >Weight: 320g. —SpecificationsSplit— Introducing the all-new HarmonicDyne Athena, a brand new pair of over-ear headphones designed with a powerful 50mm dynamic driver unit. Different from other DD units in the industry that uses a metallic coating on a plastic diaphragm, the Athena features a newly-developed driver unit that adopts metal-ceramic composite, a fully integrated amalgam of high-purity metallic alloys with ultra-dense ceramic carbon fiber materials. The resulting driver on the Athena produces a powerful sound with crisp clarity throughout a wide frequency band and ultra-low distortion. With the HarmonicDyne Athena, unlock new regions of details in your favorite music tracks!! True High-Fidelity Sound With Studio-Grade Professional Tuning Adjustments:- HarmonicDyne has got years of experience in designing high-resolution over-ear headphones. For the Athena, HarmonicDyne has tuned the pair with a studio-level balanced sound signature with a hint of boost in the sub-bass region. The resulting sound has exceptional clarity for vocals and instruments. Newly-Developed 50mm Dynamic Driver with Metal-Ceramic Composite Diaphragm:- HarmonicDyne has designed an all-new 50mm large dynamic driver unit for the Athena. The driver adopts a high-quality metal-ceramic composite diaphragm coil. It produces a cohesive sound with ultimate resolution and ultra-low distortion. New Ultra-Thin Voice Coil & Powerful Magnetic Architecture:- In order to power the newly developed 50mm driver unit, the latest HarmonicDyne Athena adopts a new ultra-fine voice coil and high-flux magnetic architecture. The driver has thinner strands wrapped cohesively and tighter on the diaphragm and the strong magnetic architecture produces a powerful, efficient magnetic flux that enables swift movement of the diaphragm. Both factors greatly enhance the sound of the pair treating the listeners with ultimate resolution and excellent details. Impressive Air Pressure Management with M-Shaped Side-Venting System:- HarmonicDyne Athena features a newly-developed M-shaped air-venting design at the side of the ear cups. Compared to the traditional air-venting technique, this M-shaped side ventilation improves the airflow across the whole driver and gives a pure and clear sound response. Athena achieves quality sound with a natural soundstage and precise imaging. Ergonomic Headband For Comfortable Fit:- HarmonicDyne Athena features an ergonomic headband that has a larger contact area and a softer cushion. The clamping force of the headphones is at comfortable levels. Athena features comfortable suede material ear cups. High-Quality Headphone Cable:- Athena includes a high-quality coaxial OCC cable. It has 33*0.08mm + 38*-.06mm wire cores braided together in a coaxial structure. High-quality OCC material ensures smooth signal transmission offering excellent transient performance. The cable also has an outer insulation layer that protects the signal from external microphonic issues. It features dual 3.5mm connectors on the headphones side and terminates at a 3.5mm plug.



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