HiBy FC4 MQA 8× Unfolding Dual ES9218PC Portable USB DAC / Headphone AMP

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Features:- >Professionally designed audio architecture. >Premium Dual DAC arrangement. >FPGA=based dual independent crystal oscillators. >Dual Headphone outputs(3.5mm Single-ended+4.4mm Balanced). >Powerful output. >8x MQA decoding. >High-quality USB Receiver supporting 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD256 signals. >Low-power consumption. >All-metal construction. >Hardware volume control. >RGB indicator light. >Hi-Res certified. Technical Specifications:- >DAC Chipset: 2xES9218PC. >Output Power: Up to 340mW(32Ω). >THD+N: ≥0.0006%. >Noise floor: 1.7uVrms. >SNR: 123dB. >DNR: 123dB. >Crosstalk rejection: 98dB. >Frequency response range: 20Hz-90kHz. >Weight: 21.7grams. >Dimensions: 65.3×22.1×11.9mm. Meet the all-new HiBy FC4, a highly-powerful yet ultra-compact USB DAC/AMP from HiBy. FC4 bridges the gap between the entry-level FC3 and the flagship FC5 dongle DACs. It has got unmatched amplification circuit that provides best-in-class powerful output ratings of up to 340mW @ 32Ω of load. FC4 is designed to cater all your Hi-Res audio needs with its premium Dual DAC chipset from Sabre Technologies. This little beast packs enough juice to power most of your IEMs and some low-power requiring headphones too with ease!! Premium Dual DAC Chipset With High-Quality Sabre DACs:- HiBy haș equipped the latest FC4 with a premium Dual DAC chipset. The pair houses two ES9218PC DAC chips from Sabre Technologies. They are supported by an efficient USB processor enabling the device to support high-resolution PCM(32-Bit/768kHz) and native DSD256 decoding. The SABRE DACs enable the FC4 to get top-quality performance with ultra-low signal distortion and high SNR ratings. Professionally Designed Audio Architecture:- With a wide array of successful products from HiBy, the brand has got expertise in designing high-resolution audio devices. They have designed the audio circuitry of the FC4 solely for the purpose of high-res lossless music. The DAC chips are supported by dual FPGA Crystal Oscillators, an efficient USB receiver, and a powerful amplification circuit. With the HiBy FC4, a rich and premium sound experience awaits its users. Independent FPGA-Based Dual Crystal Oscillators:- The FPGA audio section consists of two 45.158MHz and 49.152MHz crystal oscillators. They effectively protect the output signal from jitters and provides a smooth and clear audio experience. Ultra-Compact Yet Powerful:- HiBy FC4 has a compact form factor. The device weighs just only 22 grams yet HiBy has achieved best-in-class output performance with the FC4. It gets a power rating of about 340mW @ 32Ω of the load. It can easily drive all your HiFi IEMs and even some full-sized headphones. The device houses two headphone output ports including a single-ended 3.5mm and a balanced 4.4mm. MQA Support:- HiBy FC4 supports 8x MQA unfolding. It provides high-resolution master-recording level sound quality performance by fully unwrapping the recording to its true form. Multi-Color RGB Light Indicator:- HiBy FC4 houses a multi-color RGB indicator light that glows into different colors depending on the bitrate of the active file. It glows into Green, Blue Magenta for MQA signals, Yellow, Aqua, and Orange for PCM signals(different bitrates), White for DSD signals, and Red when the music is paused.


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