HiBy R2 MP3 Network Streaming Music Player Tidal MQA DAP

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  Features:- >Professional ES9218 HiFi DAC Chipset. >MQA Decoding. >PCM support up to 32-Bit/384kHz, DSD up to DSD128 natively. >Tidal Streaming. >Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity with Hi-res codecs including UAT, LDAC, and more. >HiBy OS. >MSEB Sound Tuner. >Dual microphones. >HiBy Link. >Internet Radio. >E-book reader. >Dual Hi-Res certification. >Up to 15 hours of battery life. The HiBy R2 is an all-new entry-level hi-res digital audio player featuring MQA playback and Tidal streaming. It operates on Linux-based HiByOS, it is the first hi-res player from HiBy to feature dual microphones for audio recording. Hi-Res Performance In Your Pocket:- HiBy R2 is a cute little device that one can carry around with ease. It houses a high-performance ES9218 DAC chip providing high-quality audio signal decoding. It is capable of decoding PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz and DSD up to DSD128 natively. MQA Support:- HiBy R2 is one of the smallest devices on the planet to support MQA decoding. It supports 4x MQA file unfold, providing master quality audio quality with rich detailing and clarity. It takes your music enjoyment to an all-new level. Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity With UAT Transmission:- The HiBy R2 supports Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity for both transmission and reception of audio signals. It supports high-res codecs including the HiBy developed UAT(Ultra-Audio Transmission) codec that supports audio transmission up to 192kHz. The R2 also supports LDAC, AptX, SBC, AAC Bluetooth codecs. MSEB Audio Tuner:- HiBy R2 uses the HiBy OS that features MSEB Sound Tuner. It is an audio remastering system developed by HiBy where users can easily control the warmth, thickness, vocal forwardness, impulse response, and other qualities in the output. Dual Microphones For Audio Recording:- The HiBy R2 can be used to record high-quality audio. It features two microphones to record stereo-quality audio. Super-Long Battery Life:- The HiBy R2 can play music continuously for up to 15 hours. It has a deep standby time of over 20 days. So you can enjoy music for long hours without worrying about the battery draining out.  



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