HiBy R6 Gen III / Gen 3 Portable Audio Music Player With Google Play

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Features:- >Dual ES9038Q2M Premium Dual-DAC Arrangement. >Class A/AB Dual Amplification modes. >Pro-Grade Dual Independent Crystal Oscillators. >Full 16x MQA Signal Decoding. >Systemwide Bit-perfect Audio. >Hi-Res 32-Bit/768kHz PCM & DSD512 signal decoding. >3.5mm & 4.4mm Dual Output Ports. >Independent Headphone Out & Line-Out Ports. >USB DAC Output, Coaxial Output, Analog Line-Out. >Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC. >5” Crisp 720p Display. >Dual-Band WiFi(2.4GHz/5GHz). >Two-Way Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity. >Hi-Res UAT, LDAC, aptX, aptX HD, AAC, SBC Transmission Protocols. >4GB RAM+64GB Internal Storage. >Open Android 12 OS. >HiByCast Universal Compatibility. >Large 4500mAh Battery. >PD2.0 Quick Charging. Technical Specifications(Headphone Out):- >Voltage Swing: 2(3.5mm), 3.6(4.4mm). >Maximum Power: 125mW(3.5mm), 405mW(4.4mm). >Maximum THD+N: 0.014(3.5mm), 0.076(4.4mm). >Minimum THD: 0.0008(3.5mm), 0.005(4.4mm Class A), 0.0009(4.4mm Class AB). >Noise Floor: 2.1(3.5mm), 3.5(4.4mm). >SNR: 119(3.5mm), 120(4.4mm). >DNR: 116(3.5mm), 117(4.4mm). >Crosstalk: 68(3.5mm), 100(4.4mm). >Frequency Response: 20Hz-45kHz. Technical Specifications(Line Out):- >Voltage Swing: 2(3.5mm), 4(4.4mm). >Maximum THD+N: 0.0004(3.5mm), 0.0003(4.4mm). >Noise Flow: 2(3.5mm), 3.1(4.4mm). >SNR: 122(3.5mm), 122(4.4mm). >Crosstalk:  110. >Frequency Response: 20Hz-45kHz. —SpecificationsSplit— R6 III is the third generation of the highly-acclaimed R6 Android digital audio player from HiBy. It packs a wonderful audio circuitry consisting of dual ES9038Q2M DAC chips, selectable Class A and Class AB amplification, pro-grade dual independent crystal oscillators, etc that provide excellent sound characteristics. The third generation of R6 comes equipped with Snapdragon 665 SoC and features an open Android 12 OS. It supports all the latest multimedia applications bringing and also supports systemwide bit-perfect audio for true high-resolution audio across different applications. HiBy R6 III is a premium audio player that promises excellent sound in a handy package!! Premium ESS Sabre Dual-DAC Chipset:- HiBy has featured a premium dual-DAC arrangement consisting of two ES9038Q2M high-performance 32-bit Stereo DAC chips. The 9038Q2M is a highly-trusted DAC chipset that provides crisp high-resolution audio signal decoding with a clear, noise-free background and ultra-low distortion in the output signal. Now Enjoy The Goodness of Pure Class A Amplification:- HiBy has implemented dual amplification modes on the all-new R6 III. The player now supports pure Class A amplification that matches the low-distorted output of the Sabre DACs and provides a powerful, clean output signal. Class AB amp mode is also there which users can switch between easily. The Class A circuit features 2 OPA1652 opamps and 16 extra hand-matched transistors for zero crossover distortion and fast tangent response. In Class A amp mode, the R6 III achieves full-time peak power output. Upgraded Android 12 Operating System:- HiBy has upgraded the android operating system on the R6 III. It now comes loaded with the latest Android 12 Operating system. It is powered by a Snapdragon 665 SoC chipset and 4GB of RAM that allows for easy multitasking with different multimedia applications. Full High-Resolution Audio Signal Support:- R6 III can handle the most advanced PCM, DSD, and MQA audio signals. It decodes MQA signals to their max 16x unfolding, PCM signals with their maximum 32Bit/768kHz signals, and DSD to DSD512 natively. System-Wide Bit-Perfect Audio Architecture:- With Android 12 OS, we get countless multimedia applications on the device. HiBy has featured system-wide bit-perfect audio architecture that enables high-resolution audio decoding on different applications as well. Pro-Grade Independent Crystal Oscillators:- HiBy R6 III comes equipped with dual independent pro-grade crystal oscillators. It has two dedicated oscillators at 45.158MHz and 49.152MHz for 1024x oversampling of the audio signal. They enhance the output with ultra-low jitter in the output signal. HiByCast Compatibility:- HiBy R6 III supports HiByCast completely. The HiByCast supports the systemwide operation of different functions on the device from a remote smartphone or tablet. It includes operating and managing third-party applications as well. Large 4500mAh Battery:- HiBy R6 III comes equipped with a 4500mAh battery that provides extended battery life. We all know Class A gets a little demanding with peak power at all times, it provides a battery life of up to 9 hours and Class AB mode has a battery life of up to 15 hours. R6 III supports PD2.0 quick charge protocol for quick charging as well.      


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