HiBy RS6 Darwin R2R Portable Music Player

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  Features:- A leather case will come with RS6. >Works on HiBy’s self-developed Darwin Architecture. >R-2R Ladder Array DAC Technology. >256-Tap adjustable FIR Filter. >Adjustable FIR Filter. >R2R Linearity compensation. >Dedicated dual independent crystal oscillators. >Optional oversampling filter/NOS. >Full 16x MQA decoding. >Native DSD decoding. >Independent Headphone and Line-Out ports. >Open Android 9 OS. >Direct Transfer Architecture(Systemwide bit-perfect audio). >Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity. >HiBy Link. >HiBy OS. >USB DTA(Bitperfect USB Audio). >2.4 & 5GHz Dual-band WiFi. Technical Specifications:- >SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660. >CPU: 8-Core Kryo 260, 2.2GHz. >GPU: Adreno 512. >DAC: Darwin Architecture. >5” Full HD 1080P display. >RAM: 4GB. >ROM: 64GB. >MicroSD Support: <2TB. >Pure Copper body. >Battery Capacity: 4500mAh. >Battery Life: Up to 8.5 hours. Output Parameters(3.5mm):- >Frequency Response: 20Hz-45kHz. >Output Voltage: 2.4Vrms. >Output Power: 180mW@32Ω. >Crosstalk rejection: 72dB. >SNR: 114dB. >DNR: 95dB. >THD+N: 0.003%. >Output Impedance: 0.4Ω. Output Parameters(4.4mm):- >Frequency Response: 20Hz-45kHz. >Output Voltage: 4.7Vrms. >Output Power: 690mW@32Ω. >Crosstalk rejection: 98dB. >SNR: 114dB. >DNR: 95dB. >THD+N: 0.003%. >Output Impedance: 0.8Ω. Presenting you the all-new HiBy RS6, a high-resolution media player designed with the classic R-2R DAC technology. It adopts HiBy s self-developed Darwin Architecture that consists of an R-2R Ladder DAC Array combined with advanced technologies such as Linear FIR Filter, Non-linear Harmonics Control, Switchable Oversampling/NOS bypass, and more. The RS6 is capable of delivering a memorable and immersive sound performance with dual independent crystal oscillators, full 16x MQA decoding, and many more features. The Darwin Architecture allows the RS6 to be highly flexible when it comes to sound adjustments, HiBy has partnered with over 10 brands to provide tuning profiles for different IEMs with the RS6. It opens doors to countless upgrade possibilities in terms of tuning with different IEMs.   Meet HiBy s Latest In-House Developed Darwin Architecture:- HiBy has featured their latest developed Darwin Architecture for the HiBy RS6. It adopts the classic R-2R resistor array technology and combines it with advanced technologies such as Linear FIR Filter, Non-Linear Harmonics Control, Switchable Oversasmpling/NOS filter, and many more. The darwin architecture is fully configuration enabling the user and developers to offer countless possibilities in future upgrades. Adjustable FIR Filter With Oversampling & NOS Filter:- The Darwin Architecture on the HiBY RS6 supports up to 16X oversampling filter and a NOS Filter. This NOS mode bypasses the oversampling and antialiasing providing a raw and direct signal conversion. The oversampling mode removes aliasing artifacts and enables all functions of the Darwin architecture. Oversampling mode also allows personalized adjustments to the sound signature. Dual Independent Crystal Oscillators:- HiBy RS6 features dual independent crystal oscillators clocked at 45.158MHz and 49.152MHz providing proper synchronization between the RS6 components. These ensure the player produces quality output signals with great precision and clarity. DSD Bypass Function:- RS6 features separate LPF filters for both PCM and DSD signals. The DSD-specific LPF filters effectively reduce HF noise caused by the delta-sigma modulation process. It enables full native DSD decoding with the R-2R DAC system. Independent Headphone And Lineout Ports:- HiBy RS6 supports both single-ended and balanced output ports. The device actually has separate ports for headphone output and line output. There are both 3.5mm and 4.4mm ports one for line-out and another for headphone output. It has a powerful output rating of up to 690mW@32Ω, easily powering your favorite earphones with ease. Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC:- With the HiBy RS6 you get to experience a super smooth user interface. All thanks to the almighty 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC. It offers you an outstanding performance with multi-tasking, using multiple applications at once. Open Android OS:- HiBy has loaded HiBY OS on the latest RS6. It is based on open Android 9 offering a wide range of countless applications available for the user. 


RS6, RS6 + Crystal 6

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