KB EAR 16 Core Silver Earphone IEM Cable with Metal 2pin/MMCX/QDC

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KBEAR 16 core silver cable with metal 2pin/MMCX/QDC Connector Use For KZ ZS10 PRO ZSN PRO AS16 ZSN AS10 Earphone Specification   1. Product Name: KB EAR 16 core upgraded silver cable 2. Brand: KB EAR 3. Color: Silver 4. Material:Silver 5. Plug type:2.5/3.5/4.4mm 6. Cable Length:1.2CM±0.2  7. Interface: MMCX/2Pin/QDC Pin 8. Use For: SE535/SE846/UE900/ LZ A6/A5/A4/A3/Z04A/Z05A  CCA C04/C10/C16              KZBA10/AS10/ZS10/ZSR/ZST/ED12/ES3/ES4/ZSN/ZSNPRO             KZED16/ZS6/ZS5/ZS3/ZS4/ZSA/ZS3E/ZS10PRO/ZS7             TRN V10/V20/V60/V80/IM1 TFZ              YINYOO D2B4 TOPAZ V2 V6 H5 H3 HQ5 HQ6 HQ8 HQ10 HQ12 HX3 HX4 HX5               TFZ/ AUGLAMOUR/ BQEYZ earphone and so on earphone universal.             QDC Earphone.                  2 pin 2.5mm As Below     2 pin 3.5mm As Below     2 pin 4.4mm As Below   MMCX 2.5mm As Below   MMCX 3.5mm As Below   MMCX 4.4mm As Below   QDC 2.5mm As Below   QDC 3.5mm As Below   QDC 4.4mm As Below            


2 pin 2.5mm, MMCX 4.4mm, 2 pin 4.4mm, QDC 2.5mm, QDC 3.5mm, QDC 4.4mm, MMCX 3.5mm, 2 pin 3.5mm, MMCX 2.5mm

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