KBEAR 8 Core Single Crystal Copper UPOCC Cable with 2Pin/MMCX/QDC/TFZ Connector for KZ ZSX ZS10 PRO ZSN PRO CCA CA16 KBEAR KS2

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Product specification: 1.Name:KBEAR 8 Cores Single Crystal Copper UPOCC Cable 2.Internal core structure: 1.0MM  3.Brand: KBEAR 4.Color: Silver 5.Skin material: PVC  6.Material: UPOCC single crystal copper 7.Plug type:2.5/3.5/4.4mm 8.Number of Cores:20 pcs *0.06MM (single crystal copper) + 7 pcs *0.2MM (silver foil wire) 9.Cable Length:1.2CM 10.Interface: MMCX/2Pin/QDC/TFZ Connector  Use For  MMCX connector: KBEAR Opal/F1/HI7/ TRI I3/I4/Starlight  Shuoer tape/Smabat ST-10S/ST10/M1 Pro/SENFER DT6 TIN HIFI P1/ T2/T2 Pro/T4 and so on MMCX earphone universal. 2Pin Connector: KBEAR Diamond/KB04 KZ AS10/ZS10/ZSR/ZST/ED12/ES3/ES4/ED16/ZS7/ZS6/ZS5 CCA C04/C10/C16/ TRN BA5/V90/V10/V20/V30/V60/V80/IM1/IM2/X6 TFZ/ AUGLAMOUR / BQEYZ earphone and so on 2Pin connector earphone universal. QDC Connector: KBEAR KB06/KB10 KZ ZSX/ZSN/ZSNPRO/ZS10 PRO/AS12/AS16 CCA CA4/A10/C12  TRN BA5 and so on QDC earphone universal. TFZ Connector: Suit for KBEAR KS2,TFZ / AUGLAMOUR Earphone universal MMCX 2.5MM 2Pin 2.5MM QDC 2.5MM TFZ 2.5MM MMCX 3.5MM 2pin 3.5MM QDC 3.5MM TFZ 3.5MM MMCX 4.4MM 2Pin 4.4MM QDC 4.4MM TFZ 4.4MM    


2Pin 2.5mm, QDC 4.4mm, 2Pin 4.4mm, QDC 3.5mm, 2Pin 3.5mm, MMCX 2.5mm, QDC 2.5mm, MMCX 4.4mm, MMCX 3.5mm, TFZ 3.5mm, TFZ 4.4mm, TFZ 2.5mm

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