Kinera Baldr 4 EST + 2BA + 1DD Hybrid Electrostatic Flagship In-Ear Monitor With 0.78mm 2-Pin Detachable Cable

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Kinera Baldr 4 EST + 2BA + 1DD Hybrid Electrostatic Flagship Earphone that offer the highest amount of clarity and detail  Baldr 2 pls visit :    Specs: Interface: 0.78 2-Pin Rated power: 3 mW Impedance: 22 Ω Wear: In-Ear Driver Confiiguration:4 EST+1 DD+2 BA Sensitivity:109±2db                                                   Frequency Response: 5 Hz- 50k Hz Plug: 3.5mm + 2.5mm + 4.4mm adapter +Airplane Adapter Cable: Detachable 5N Gold-Plated Single Crystal Copper, Four Strands Total Of 196 Cores, 1.2 m. —SpecificationsSplit— Unboxing Video: Flagship Level Sound From Kinera Baldr 7 Driver Hybrid Baldr is Kinera’s new flagship seven driver hybrid IEM. Baldr has four electrostatic, two balanced armature, and a single dynamic driver per each side, a pair Of Kinera Baldr has 14 total drivers. Kinera’s seven driver hybrid technology delivers incredible vocal clarity, powerful bass response, and excellent treble performance. Kinera’s 7mm magnetic micro dynamic driver delivers rich and deep bass. Two custom-tuned Knowles driver units provide an incredibly intimate and forward mid-range delivering intimate vocals, creating a realistic timbre. The four EST65QB02 electrostatic drivers offer incredible detail retrieval and clarity across the full frequency spectrum. Dual Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers The two Knowles double-acting balanced armature units intensify the vocal tone and emphasize the vocals. The dual composite RAF-3283 drivers ensure that the Baldr reproduces a high-resolution, fully-detailed, and detailed sound with natural tonality. Sonion High-Frequency Electrostatic Units Four easy to drive electrostatic drivers from Sonion deliver incredible clarity and detail retrieval. The four EST65QB02 units and the built-in micro transformer weigh less than 1.48gms. The low distortion, fast transients, and extreme instrument separation create a unique high-fidelity sound experience. Powerful Dynamic Driver Unit for a Realistic and Powerful Lower End The PU mixed material of the driver unit is surrounded by a high magnetic flux ring steel that improves the lower frequencies’ depth. The high polymer fiber increases the tensile strength and analytic power. Precise Frequency Division To Provide Distortion-Free Sound Kinera Baldr has an acoustic three-way design that provides a perfect connection between the different driver units. The pair shows no distortion and provides accurate frequency division of the high, mids, and lows frequency bands. The overall curve connection is smooth.  Universal 0.78mm Two-Pin connectors Kinera Baldr uses a universal 0.78mm Two-Pin connectors interface that can be exchanged with many cables different termination plugs. The included high-quality cables are manufactured out of 5N gold-plated single crystal copper. The copper cable is composed of four strands for a total of 196 cores. The outer skin is comfortable, soft, and environment friendly. The cable plugs are gold-plated. Oakwood Earshells, Let the Danish God Of Light Illuminate Your Heart   The Oaktree is one of the most revered trees in the world, and for a good reason. Throughout history, the Oaktree has been portrayed in different mythologies and was associated with certain gods, such as Baldr. The Oaktree is also known for its longevity and long-lasting qualities. Each pair of Baldr IEM has a unique natural wood grain appearance. Just as no two leaves look exactly alike, each Kinera Baldr is also unique and individual. Break Through Structural Limitations.  Small Bodies Can Also Release Large Energy   Baldr breaks through the structural limitations of small-sized earphones by combining the easy to drive electrostatic units, the high resolution of the balanced armature units, and the natural and powerful advantages of the dynamic driver. Seven units fit inside a compact cavity and adopt a parallel placement that can efficiently utilize the space. Designed To Be Worn Around The Ear For A Comfortable Fit Kinera Baldr is designed to be worn around the ear. The ear shells are ergonomic and lightweight, making the earphones very comfortable to wear. It just provides the best comfort. You won’t even know they are there even after long hours of continuous use. Strict Quality Control Kinera Baldr goes through dozens of strict quality tests. Each pair undergoes many frequency responses and quality tests to ensure adherence to the highest standards. Bundled With Lots Of Accessories, Surprises For You Everywhere Kinera Baldr comes with a lot of accessories to provide you with a flagship experience. In addition to the 3.5mm, 2.5mm cables, and various adapters, Baldr also includes six different sized silicone ear tips. The in-ear also comes with a leather earphone carry case that has first-class texture.    


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