Kinera Celest Phoenixcall 1DD+2BA+2 Micro Planar Drivers IEMs

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Specification:- Acoustic Drivers:1DD+2BA+2 Micro Planar drivers(FPD) Interface: 0.78 2pin Sensitivity: 103db Wearing Type: In-Ear Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz Impedance: 32Ω Weight (earbuds+cable): 9.8g+30g ( ± 0.2g ) Plug: 3.5mm / 4.4mm Cable length: 1.2m Phoenixcall Background:- A hundred birds flock to Phoenixcall was a legendary scene inspired by the ancient Chinese myth “The Legends of Mountains and Seas”. Heaven and earth stood solemnly, day and night interchange, seasons reincarnate. Mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, winds, blizzards, rain and snow, a destined force lurks in the dark, calling for the families of divine birds, appearing out of nowhere together filling the skies, filling with birds singing, flocks and flocks of them throwing themselves into the deep forest, meeting each other, depicting a harmonic grand scene of a hundred of birds flocking back to their southern home.  Tuning Concept:- “Phoenixcall” has an overall bright sound with deep and elastic bass that is more gentle and relaxed. The midrange has a solid and natural sound, while the high frequencies are clear, bright, and clean. The soundstage is spacious and natural, with round and smooth vocals and strong resolution, providing you with a comfortable music experience. Driver configuration:- “Phoenixcall” uses a 7mm strong magnetic coil for the low frequencies, a customized BA driver for the mid frequencies, another customized BA driver for the mid-high frequencies, and two Micro planar drivers(Flat panel drivers) for the ultra-high frequencies. Through careful frequency division tuning, it presents characteristics of powerful bass, accurate midrange, and sweet highs, resulting in an overall bright, transparent, and natural sound that is suitable for pop music. Shell Design:- “Phoenixcall” uses the phoenix pattern, which has traditional significance, as the main element for the design. The phoenix pattern is combined with other bird and flower patterns, and the wild and bold lines of the phoenix pattern are refined and transformed with geometric elements, using a painting style to give it a full and unique shape. The design combines traditional patterns with modern design, showcasing people s vision for a happy, prosperous, and peaceful life, as well as the moral of carrying great virtues and embracing all rivers. Eartips:- Celest 221 Vocal Eartips: enhance the treble, pleasing vocal Celest C-07 Balanced Eartips: Sound-balanced and holographic Cable Parameters:- Material: 5N copper silver plating Braiding: 8 core Diameter: 1.0mm/core Strands: 48 strands of 0.06mm Cable length: 1.2m Interface: 0.78mm 2Pin Plug: 3.5mm / 4.4mm Plug material: Pure Copper Metal parts: Aluminum alloy  


Purple-Blue, Transparent


3.5mm, 4.4mm

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