Kinera Celest RUYI Earphone Cable With Boom Mic 2Pin 0.78 / MMCX – 3.5mm

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Features:- >High-Purity OFC(Oxygen-Free Copper) Cable. >Two-Core Hand-Braided Structure. >Detachable Boom Microphone. >Pure-Copper Termination Plug. >Sandblasted Aluminum Alloy Metallic Parts. >Elastic Ear Hooks for Comfortable Wearing. >Skin-Friendly PVC Outer Sleeve. >In-Line Media Controls. >Supports Mic-Mute. >Two-pin 0.78mm/MMCX Connectors. >3.5mm Single-Ended Termination. >Compatible with Type-C and Lighting Adapters(Available separately). Microphone Specifications:- >Pattern: Omni-Directional. >Sensitivity: -42±3dB. >Resistance: 2.2kΩ. >SNR: 60dB. >Frequency Response: 50Hz-10kHz. >Micrphone Length: 13cm. —SpecificationsSplit— Celest Ruyi is a brand new IEM upgrade cable with a detachable microphone. Made using high-quality OFC(Oxygen-Free Copper) cores, Ruyi enhances the sound with a rich bass response. It features a detachable Boom microphone that users can adopt whenever required. It’s a highly-sensitive microphone that provides crisp, clean voice transmissions and allows one to use their IEMs for calls and meetings. The Classic of Mountains & Seas:- Celest takes its inspiration from Classic Chinese Dynasty tales for its products. The latest Ruyi refers to the weapon used by the Yellow Emperor to fight Chiyou in ancient times. According to the legend “The Classics of Mountains and Seas”, RUyi was the mystical weapon that defeated the army of brass and brought luckiness to the army. High-Purity OFC Wire Cores:- In order to ensure rich, smooth sound, Celest has designed the Ruyi with high-quality OFC material wire cores. Each strand here has 16*6*0.08mm OFC wires. Copper material benefits the output by enhancing the bass response and delivering a refined sound signature. Hand-Weaved Dual-Wire Configuration:- Celest Ruyi adopts a hand-weaved design with a dual-strand configuration. Each core is 2.0mm in diameter combined with high-quality OFC wires. This build structure helps transmit high-fidelity audio signals while minimizing external electromagnetic interferences. Detachable Boom Microphone For Clear Voice Transmission:- Now use your favorite Hi-Res IEMs for calls with your smartphones. The Celest Ruyi upgrade cable features a detachable boom microphone. It’s an M49-Mute microphone which is a high-fidelity audio pickup receptor with high sensitivity and wide frequency response. Voice transmission is clean and crisp. It’s ideal for all the different mic usage scenarios including voice calls, karaoke on the phone, streaming with vocals, online classes, etc. Media Controls At Your Hands:- Celest Ruyi IEM upgrade Cable features full in-line media controls. It has volume controls, and play/pause controls, and also provides support for skipping tracks. Ruyi cable also has a mute-mic switch that will mute the microphone when not in use. Solid, Robust Build Quality:- Celest Ruyi IEM upgrade cable has a solid, robust build quality. The cable features sandblasted aluminum alloy metallic components on Y-Splitter and termination plug. The cable has a skin-friendly PVC outer covering which gives it a comfortable and flexible build. Compatible With Multiple Accessories:- Celest Ruyi is a highly-versatile upgrade cable. It features standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors. Ruyi is also available with MMCX connectors. The cable adopts a 3.5mm single-ended termination. It is compatible with other 3.5mm to Type-C and 3.5mm to Lightning adapters, and even a 3.5mm to Type-A USB adapter that are available separately.


RUYI 2Pin 0.78, RUYI MMCX, 3.5mm To Type-C Converter, 3.5mm To Lightning Converter

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