Kinera Hodur 1DD + 1BA +1 EST Drivers In-Ear Monitors

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Features:- >Triple driver Tribrid design. >One Dynamic driver, one Balanced Armature driver, and One Electrostatic Driver per side. >Ergonomic and comfortable shape. >Beautiful hand-crafted ear shells. >Premium stock cable. —SpecificationsSplit— Presenting you all the brand new Kinera Hodur, A triple driver tribrid set of premium in-ear monitors. Kinera has designed the Hodur with a combination of a dynamic driver with a high-performance balanced armature and a highly-resolving electrostatic driver. With expert tuning, the Kinera Hodur presents the users with a clean and detailed sound performance. High-Resolution Performance With 3-Driver Tribrid Design:- Kinera has equipped the Hodur with a tribrid driver configuration. The brand has equipped its latest IEMs with 3 drivers on each side consisting of a powerful dynamic driver that produces a powerful lower end, a high-performance balanced armature driver that produces a rich, high-resolution sound, and a highly-resolving electrostatic driver for ultimate detailing and clarity. Professional Tuning To Bring The Best Out Of Hodur:- Kinera has got years of experience in designing single and multi-driver IEMs. With that expertise, they have tuned the three-driver configuration of Hodur to work in full integration with each other. The pair delivers an authentic high-resolution sound experience presenting a punchy lower-end, crisp midrange, and lively treble frequencies. Exquisite Designer Ear Shells:- Apart from its professional tuning, Kinera is also known for its outstanding craftsmanship. They have designed the Hodur with hand-crafted metallic ear shells. Each and every single unit of Kinera Hodur is fully assembled, built, and polished by professional engineers at Kinera. Ergonomic Shell Shape For Comfortable Fit:- Kinera Hodur ear shells have an ergonomic shape and form that contributes in achieving a comfortable listening experience with the pair. The pair is designed for a firm fit with high-levels of isolation from the surrounding noise.


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