Kinera Imperial Odin 2.0

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What s New With Kinera Imperial Odin:-   >New Hand-Painted Ear Cavities. >New Designer Colorful Packaging With Slogan. >Imported 3D Acoustic Tube Design. >New Custom Set of Ear Tips. >Leather Zipper Carry Case. >High-Purity Balanced 4.4mm Cable. >New Set of Accessories. >Metallic Ear Nozzle. Technical Specifications:- >8 high-performance BA drivers(4 Knowles+4 Sonion). >Impedance: 24 ohms. >Sensitivity: 116+/-1dB. >Frequency Range: 5Hz-50kHz. >Balance 4.4 Termination. >Standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. Kinera has redesigned its multi-BA flagship, meet the all-new Kinera Imperial Odin. While the pair still boasts a powerful 8-BA driver configuration on each side, it has now got spectacular new looks with premium hand-painted ear cavities, a new high-purity balanced 4.4mm cable, a new set of ear tips, new packaging, and many more new features. So, Looking for a beautiful IEM with powerful acoustic performance?? Kinera Imperial Odin is right here for you!! New Beautiful Hand-Painted Ear Cavities:- Our new Imperial Odin is designed with professional hand-painting techniques. Each unit of Imperial Odin features a thunderous lightning design that not only looks astounding but also does justice to the name of God Odin. Imported Acoustic Tubes For Inner Cavity:- Kinera Imperial Odin utilizes a premium acoustic cavity consisting of three high-density mirror material tubes with different lengths of 15mm, 12mm, and 8mm respectively. This is necessary to arrange the huge eight-driver configuration effectively reducing the distortion issues in the output. Powerful Performance With Eight Balanced Armature Drivers On Each Side:- Kinera has equipped the Imperial Odin with 8 Balanced Armature drivers on each side in a 4-way crossover and 3-way channel distribution. There are 4 Knowles Balanced Armature units handling the upper mids and highs section, 4 Sonion Balanced Armature units that handle the Lower end and lower mids. Bring your music to life with a tremendously powerful performance of Kinera Imperial Odin. Premium Balanced Cable With Premium Set Of Accessories:- Kinera bundles the Imperial Odin with a premium-grade copper alloy and silver-plated mixed hybrid cable. It is a balanced cable with a 4.4mm termination. All connectors, y-splitter have premium metallic shielding. The package also includes a 4.4mm-2.5mm and a 4.4mm-3.5mm connection adapter made with the same quality. New Set Of Accessories:- Kinera Imperial Odin comes with a new set of custom-ear tips and a premium leather zipper carry case. The package includes Custom JH-FY009-B ear tips along with the regular Final Audio Type-E, Custom Foam, and Custom RS-B45 ear tips. The new premium carry case is up to today s standards, the previous model came bundled with a simple plastic carry case.


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