Kinera Leyding 5N OFC Alloy Copper 8 Core Silver-plated Hybrid Cable

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Note:  You can also order Kinera Leyding at our amazon store:   Specifications: Material: OFC+Alloy copper with 5N silver plated Braid way: 8 core 3-dimensional braided Diameter: 1.0mm/core Strands: 24 strands of 0.05mm alloy copper with 5N silver plated+ 14 strands OF 0.06mm OFC Cable skin material: soft PVC Interface: 0.78 2pin/mmcx Plug: 4 pin detachable plugs, 2.5mm balanced/ 4.4mm balanced/ 3.5mm plug Plug material: copper with 24-carat gold plated Plug internal connection: 6N OCC+ OCC with silver-plated mix conductor External metal part: Aluminum alloy anode Cable length: 122cm±2cm Cable structure: litz+ multiple structure+ twisting strands


0.78mm 2Pin, MMCX

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