KZ AZ15 Upgraded Bluetooth 5.2 Wireless Ear-Hook

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Features:- >Qualcomm’s latest QCC3046 Bluetooth Chipset. >Stable, Lag-free Bluetooth Connection. >Latest Wireless Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity. >AptX Lossless Transmission Protocol. >Three Different Performance modes(Standard Music, Game Mode, Full-Power Mode). >Large Capacity Battery for Long Battery Life. >Ergonomic Design Suitable for IEMs. >Improved 15m Bluetooth coverage range. >Low-latency Gaming Mode(only 40ms). >Detachable 2-Pin Connector Design. >HD Microphone with cVc Noise-Reduction Technology for Clear Calls. >Dual Host Design. >One-Key Simple Operation. —SpecificationsSplit— Planning to take your favorite IEMs out on a ride but worried about tangling cables? Don’t worry, the KZ AZ15 is here to help. KZ AZ15 is a brand-new wireless Bluetooth detachable adapter with high-resolution AptX transmission support. AZ15 has an ear hook style design and supports the latest Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity that ensures long battery life and stable, lag-free wireless connectivity!! Latest-Generation Qualcomm Bluetooth Chipset Supporting High-Res AptX Codec:- In order to ensure high-quality wireless connectivity on the latest AZ15, KZ has equipped the pair with Qualcomm’s latest QCC3046 Bluetooth chipset. It enables support for advanced high-resolution Bluetooth transmission protocols on the AZ15, including AptX, SBC, and AAC. AptX enables high-res wireless streaming allowing you to enjoy high-quality music wirelessly with your favorite IEMs. Strong, Stable, Lag-free Bluetooth Connectivity:- QCC3046 Bluetooth Processor enables high-resolution Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity on the AZ15. The latest V5.2 connectivity has a more stable connection with ultra-low latency while watching videos and gaming, and offers improved battery life as well compared to the previous generations. Three Operation Modes:- KZ AZ15 supports three different operation modes, this includes standard high-definition music mode, low-latency gaming mode, and full-power mode for maximum output and clean sound. KZ AZ15 with its low-latency gaming mode achieves an ultra-low latency of just 40ms which provides proper synchronization between audio and video. You will just never miss a beat with the AZ15!! Use In Stereo or Mono Mode With Dual Host Design:- KZ has designed the AZ15 with dual Host connectivity. This means that both ear hooks can either be used together in stereo mode or they can be used standalone in mono mode. This also ensures a smoother, more stable connection with the source device for both ear hooks. Clear Calls With HD Microphone:- KZ AZ15 adopts an HD microphone with cVc Noise-Reduction technology. It captures your voice clearly even in noisy environments and makes your calling experience clear and crisp. Long Battery Life:- With proper optimizations and the latest generation Bluetooth chipset, the KZ AZ15 supports a large capacity battery for extended battery life. One full charge on the ear hooks provides up to 6 hours of battery and with the charging case, this gets increased to up to 54 hours. Simply charge it once and forget about it for a week!!    



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