KZ PR1 New Dual-Cavity 13.2 Planar Diaphragm Driver In-Ear Monitors Earphone

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Features:- >Newly Designed Dual-Cavity Planar Magnetic Driver. >13.2mm planar driver. >Aluminum alloy face covers. >Comfortable and ergonomic. >Two different tuning versions to choose from. >Exquisite and rich sound performance. >Professional tuning adjustments. >High-quality OFC Silver-plated cable. >Smart in-line microphone. Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 16±3Ω. >Sensitivity: 96±3dB. >Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz. —SpecificationsSplit— Joining the Planar Wars is the all-new KZ PR1, a newly developed planar magnetic IEM with a 13.2mm planar driver that comes in two different tuning variants. PR1 is available in Balanced Tuned edition for a smooth, fun, engaging sound with powerful bass while the HiFi edition presents you with a reference-grade sound performance. KZ PR1 is a well-designed set that features nicely-crafted Aluminum alloy face covers with a Resin cavity for the Balanced edition and an electroplated ear cavity structure for the HiFi edition. Indulge yourself in an exciting sound with the all-new KZ PR1!! Newly-Developed 13.2mm Dual-Cavity Planar Magnetic Driver:- KZ PR1 houses a newly-developed dual-cavity planar magnetic driver unit. This driver features an ultra-thin silver-plated diaphragm and an independent acoustic cavity for N55 based double-sided magnetic circuit. The Planar allows the PR1 to produce a fast & accurate sound with ultra-low distortion in the output signal!! Exquisite Finish With Aluminum Alloy Face Covers:- KZ PR1 features exquisitely designed hollowed-out aluminum alloy face overs with a transparent Resin cavity. The HiFI edition adopts a high-cost electroplated bottom shell which is both lightweight and has a metallic finish. Both pairs look exquisitely beautiful and promise a comfortable wearing experience. Each component has been carefully chosen and uniquely designed to maximize the performance of the Planar driver unit. Professional Tuning Adjustments For Impressive Sound:- KZ PR1 is available in two differently-tuned variants. The Balanced edition, as the name goes has a balanced sound signature while the HiFi edition has a more reference-grade tuning profile. The pairs have been tuned by professional acoustic engineers and the presentation has a good balance between the three-frequency regions. High-Quality OFC Silver-Plated Cable:- KZ bundles the PR1 with a high-purity oxygen-free copper cable that provides good signal transmission efficiency. The silver-plated surface layer of the wire reduces the signal attenuation and lays a solid foundation for high-resolution sound performance!! Users can also buy the PR1 with a cable that has an in-line mic and media key!!


Balanced Edition With Mic, Balanced Edition No Mic, HiFi Edition With Mic, HiFi Edition No Mic, Balanced Edition With Mic+HiFiGo Neck Strap, Balanced Edition No Mic+HiFiGo Neck Strap, HiFi Edition With Mic+HiFiGo Neck Strap, HiFi Edition No Mic+HiFiGo Neck Strap

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