LETSHUOER EJ09 5 EST + 3 BA + DD Flagship In Ear Earphone IEMs

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Note: If you have selected the custom option, please contact support@hifigo.com to confirm which numbered faceplate is required, and send the 3D-printed ear mode file. Features:- >Premium Hybrid Driver Setup. >Five ElectroStatic Drivers on Each Side. >Three Balanced Armature Drivers on Each Side. >One Dynamic Driver Unit. >Custom Facepanel Options. >Available in 3.5mm Single-ended/4.4mm Balanced termination options. >2-Pin 0.78mm Connectors. Shuoer EJ09 is the latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors from the brand. It features a premium 9 driver hybrid configuration on each side housing five EST(Electrostatic) drivers coupled with three Balanced Armatures and one Dynamic Driver unit on both sides. The pair delivers an impeccable acoustic performance rich with quality detailing and a smooth, non-fatiguing signature. Take your musical experience to an all-new level with the latest Shuoer EJ09.


3.5mm, 4.4mm, C-001, C-002, C-003, C-004, C-005, C-006, C-007, C-008, C-009, C-010, C-011, Universal Custom(contact us to confirm the faceplate, cavity), Complete Custom(contact us to confirm the faceplate, cavity)

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