Lotoo PAW D1 USB Digital Audio Interface

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  Features:- >ADI Blackfin 706 DSP Chip. >Independent AK8142 High-precision Clock. >Lotoo OS(LTOS). >USB Type-C Input. >Optical/Co-axial Output. >AES/XBU Output. >Sturdy Metallic Chassis. >DSD Support(DoP Mode). >PCM Decoding Up To 32Bit/384kHz. >DSD128(DOP) Decoding. Lotoo has released its latest USB audio interface, the Lotoo PAW D1. It features USB Type-C signal input and offers multiple output options. Users can connect the PAW D1 with different devices including Windows, MAC PCs, Android devices, and more. Powerful DSP Chip:- The Lotoo PAW D1 utilizes a powerful ADI Blackfin 706 series professional DSP chip for its main unit. The architecture design of the device is embedded with LTOS(Lotoo Operating System), which will support new updates and functions with firmware updates. Independent High-Precision Clock:- The Lotoo PAW D1 features an AK8142 high-precision clock chip. It is implemented in an independent manner with no interference from the USB clock or the SRC to affect the sound output in any manner. You are greeted with distortion-free rich sound output. Multi-Platform Support:- The Lotoo PAW D1 is equipped with a USB Type-C audio signal input interface. It supports connection to multiple platforms including Android devices, iOS devices, MAC systems, Windows systems, LTOS devices, and more. The PAW D1 can act as a medium between your source and amplifier/speaker systems. LED Power Indicator:- There’s an LED indicator right above the USB Type-C input port. It glows in different colors according to the device status like steady red for indicating normal power, flashing red light states playback/upgrade failed, breathing green light says initiated upgrade mode, and so on. Multiple Output Options:- The Lotoo PAW D1 features a 3-pin XLR port on the front. It is actually an AES/EBU(AES3) output port. It is a standard output port that is used to transmit high-resolution signals between professional audio devices including amplifiers, DAC systems, and also speakers.  Along with the AES/EBU output port, the PAW D1 also features optical and co-axial output ports on the front.


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