Luxury & Precision W4 Portable USB DAC & AMP Headphone Amplifier

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Features:- >Flagship LP5108 Core Circuit. >Wonderful Sound With A Natural Tone. >Powerful Output Thrust. >Ultra-Low Power Consumption. >Excellent UI. >Original LP Tuning Profile With Two Tunings. >Easy Firmware Upgrade. >Ultra-Clean Performance With Low Distortion. >In-House Developed Chipset. >Elegant, Classy Design. >0.91” OLED Display Screen. >Dual Headphone Output Ports(3.5mm+4.4mm). >SPDIF Digital Output Through 3.5mm. >Supports High-Resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and Native DSD256 Audio Signals. >Multiple EQ options. >Multiple SDF Tuning Profiles. >Five Digital Filters. >Two-Level Gain Adjustment. >Multiple Device Support. >Type-C Removable Connector. Technical Parameters:- >SNR: 131dB(Single-Ended), 134dB(Balanced). >DNR: 131dB(Single-Ended), 134dB(Balanced). >THD+N: 0.0003%(32Ω, Single-Ended), 0.00013%(32Ω, Balanced), 0.00025%(300Ω, SE), 0.0001%(300Ω, Balanced). >Output Power: 110mW(SE), 420mW(Balanced). Luxury&Precision W4 is a brand new portable USB DAC/AMP designed with a self-developed core chipset and LP Tuning Profiles. The W4 packs amazing sound with an in-house developed LP5108 chipset that promises crisp performance in decoding high-resolution audio signals. L&P W4 is a premium flagship USB DAC/AMP that leaves no stone unturned in delivering top-quality audio enjoyment in a compact and portable way. You get extremely clean output with high SNR performance and ultra-low-distortion performance!! Professionally-Designed Core Chipset:- L&P has equipped the latest W4 with a brand new self-developed audio core chipset. The latest LP5108 core is designed with years of tuning experience. It helps the W4 to achieve the desired tuning profile and offers multiple EQ and SDF profiles for the users. LP Tuning Profile:- Luxury&Precision W4 features LP Core architecture that combines the 2nd-generation LP Tune to the device. It utilizes both software and hardware level optimization to bring an evolutionary sound result. W4 has two tuning profiles, Tune01 has a gentle and elegant output while Tune02 has a refined and detailed sound presentation. Endless Possibilities With Upgradeable Firmware Design:- L&P W4 is a single device that packs the performance of multiple devices under its hood. The firmware of the W4 can be easily upgraded to have more sound effects, tune for specific IEMs, and allows you to play around in a quirky way to get your desired signature. Outstanding Output Capabilities:- Luxury&Precision W4 is a true flagship-grade device. It brings a huge performance upgrade over the previous-generation W2 model. The W4 has two times cleaner distortion compared to the W2 mode, twice the dynamic range, and 1.7 times the output power. With a newly-developed low-power consumption circuit, the power draw of W4 is just half the W2. High-Gate Count FPGA Architecture:- L&P W4 adopts high-gate-count FPGA architecture. It has professional sound effects and a lossless EQ function on top of the parallel processing DSP profile. The output on the W4 can be adjusted with multiple EQ options and also offers great pairing DSP profiles with famous earphones such as Beyerdynamic Xelento, Shure 846, etc. Powerful Output Thrust, Drive Your Favorite IEMs With Ease:- L&P W4 is a compact and pocketable device but it packs a lot of power that can easily drive most IEMs and some headphones as well. The W4 houses two output ports, a 3.5mm single-ended with an output power rating of 110mW and a balanced 4.4mm port with a rating of 420mW. It has two-level gain modes that allow for easy pairing with demanding as well as sensitive earphones.  


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