Matrix Element P2 Power Amplifier Class D Amplification Speaker Amplifier

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Features:- >High-Power Class D Power Amplifier. >Designed For Premium Stereo Systems. >Elegant & Beautiful Build. >Perfect Sound Reproduction. >Brings Even Power-Hungry Speakers to Life. >High-Power Output. >Stereo & Mono Operation Mode. >RCA & XLR Multiple Input Methods. >12v Trigger Interface. >High-Quality WBT Connectors. >Smooth Operation With CBVB Pads. Technical Details:- >Power Output: 2 x 230W Stereo Mode/ 1 x 850W Mono Mode(4Ω), 2 x 110W Stereo Mode/ 1 x 500W in Mono Mode(8Ω). >Weight: 3.7Kg(8.16pounds). >Size: 340x259x58mm(LxWxH). Stereo Output Parameters:- >DNR: 112dB A-Weighted. >Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz±0.3dB. >THD+N: 0.008%@1W. >Output Impedance: <25mΩ. Mono Mode Output Parameters:- >DNR: 121dB. >Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHzΩ±0.3dB. >THD+N: 0.004%@1W. >Output Impedance: <30mΩ. Analog Input Parameters:- >Input Impedance: 47kΩ(RCA/XLR). >Gain: 28dB@1kHz(RCA), 34dB@1kHz(XLR/Mono XLR). Power Specs:- >Power Voltage: AC100V-120V 50-60Hz / AC220V-240V 50-60Hz. >Standby Power Consumption: <5W. >Maximum Power Consumption: <1200W. Matrix Audio Element P is a high-power class D power amp designed with top-quality components for HiFi speaker systems. It fills your HiFi speaker system with life with its high-power output capabilities. The Element P inherits a simple, elegant design and mixes it with modern tech for an exquisite finish and top-quality sound. The Element P is a pure Class D power amplifier that supports both Stereo and Mono modes of operation!! High-Power Amplifier For Best Performance:- For any desktop speaker setup, the performance of speakers greatly depends upon the quality of the amplifier used in the chain. Matrix Audio Element P is a true class D high-power power amplifier that is designed especially for speaker systems.  It produces plenty of power to drive even the demanding speakers with ease and take the performance of your whole system to an all-new level of awesomeness!! Flexible Input Options:- Matrix Audio Element P is a high-end power amplifier with multiple input options. It supports both RCA and XLR analog input options. The Element P also features a mono XLR input when the user wants to use the amp in mono mode. Supports Both Stereo & High-Power Mono Modes:- Matrix Audio Element P supports both stereo and mono operation modes. It provides powerful and clean output in both modes, delivering up to 230W per-channel output in stereo mode and up to 850W of output in mono mode at 4Ω of load. It is easily capable to drive even low-sensitivity speaker systems with ease in mono mode. For high-power requirements, you can use two units of element P in mono mode. 12V Trigger Interface Function:- Element P2 has 12V Trigger interface function. When connected to a front-end device like the Element X that has a trigger port, the Element P2 will automatically start whenever the front-end device is turned on. Solid Finish With An Elegant Build:- Over the years, Matrix Audio has designed several premium audio products with a premium finish. The latest Element P2 is no different either. The power amplifier has got a simple, elegant finish. It has a stunning finish. For easy and comfortable usability, the Element P comes with high-quality CBVB Pads. High-Quality CBVB Pads:- The element P2 features CBVB Pads for a firm operation. The core of the CBVB is made up of Ceramic balls in each pad to minimize the noises caused by medical vibrations. It greatly helps the power amp to produce a clean output with lower distortion and further improves the performance of your desktop setup!!


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