Meizu HiFi Audio Pro type-c to 3.5mm DAC decoding Headphone Amplifier Adapter

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    Meizu HiFi DAC Pro Headphone Amplifier Cirrus Logic CS43131 high-performance independent DAC  Hi-Res certified high-resolution sound quality. PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz or up to DSD128 Texas Instrument s OPA 1622 Amplifier Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz Signal to Noise ratio: >/=120dB Dynamic Range: >/=120dB THD+N: <0.0003% Output Power: 30mW @ 32ohms Compatible with Android, Windows, macOS. Weighs just 4g No built-in microphone. Support most wire headphones with Mic and Remote. No built-in battery. Power from the USB interface, with low power consumption. Meizu a china based HiFi audio equipment manufacturer released a new USB Type-C DAC/AMP, which is equipped with a Cirrus Logic DAC chip and a powerful OPamp from Texas Instruments. The DAC/AMP is very powerful with a dual-channel power output of 30mW at 32 ohms and 6.7mW at 600ohms, which is more than enough to power most power-hungry of your headphones. Meizu Hifi Pro   High-Grade Cirrus Logic DAC for Powerful Decoding:- Meizu Hifi Pro is equipped with a high-grade Cirrus Logic DAC, CS43131 which can easily decode PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz, or DSD up to DSD128 easily. The sound output through the DAC is very clear with a darker background, a warmer and a balanced sound signature. The DAC is paired with Texas Instrument s OPA1622 amps, which amplifies the signal noise and jitter-free, the output is very clean even at full volumes with no background hiss. Higher Dynamic Range and Signal to Noise Ratio:- The Meizu Hifi Pro Type-C DAC/AMP has a higher dynamic range and signal to noise ratio of 120dB, ensuring you get good extensions at the lower and higher-end, producing all the micro details in your music reproduced precisely. Balanced and Natural Sound Output:- The Meizu Hifi Pro DAC/AMP provides a balanced and natural sound output, which has good extensions at the lower and higher-end. The sound has a wide staging with good sound resolution offering crisp clarity and detailing. The sound has a warmer tonality with natural instrument timbre. Higher Power Output for Higher Demanding Headphones:- The Meizu Hifi Pro outputs a power of 30mW at 32 ohms and 6.7mW at 600ohms, which makes the headphones shine bright with all the brilliant details available in our music, the output is handled by a dual-channel OPAMP by Texas Instruments, OPA1622 which ensure you get no background noise hiss in your music even at higher volumes. The small device carries enough juice for most demanding of the headphones. One Input, Multiple Options:- The Meizu Hifi Pro DAC/AMP takes signal input through a USB Type-C slot, so you can easily use it with your smartphones, digital audio players, and even with PC s, so you can enjoy your music with any source available anywhere for you. Higher Output, Lower Power Consumption:- Usually, USB Type-C DAC/AMP s takes too power from the source device like smartphones and drains their batteries really quickly. But here Meizu Hifi Pro DAC/AMP has a lower current operational circuit design which operates in lower power but gives much cleaner and powerful output as compared to its competition while maintaining less battery drain from the source device. Compact and Light Weight:- The Meizu Hifi Pro DAC/AMP weighs only 4gms, and very small in size, brilliant engineering at Meizu has ensured the device gives an outstanding performance at such a small size. Package Contents:- One Meizu Hifi Pro USB Type-C DAC/AMP Instructions manual     


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