Moondrop Blessing3 / Blessing 3 2DD + 4BA Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

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mid   Features:- >Six-Driver Advanced Hybrid Design. >Powerful Sound with 2DD+4BA Driver Configuration. >Accurate Three-Frequency Division. >Horizontally-Opposed 2DD Module. >3D Printed High-Precision Acoustic Structure. >Eye-Catching Stainless Steel Faceplates. >Highly-Consistent Full-Band Response. >Ergonomic & Comfortable Design. >3D Printed Medical-Grade Resin Ear Shells. >Interchangeable Cable With Universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. Technical Specifications:- >Impedance: 14.8Ω±15%. >Frequency Response: 10Hz-30kHz. >Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz. >Sensitivity: 120dB/Vrms. >THD: ≤0.5$%. >Connectors: 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. >Termination Plug: 3.5mm. Introducing the all-new Moondrop Blessing 3, the third generation of highly-acclaimed hybrid pair of in-ear monitors from Moondrop. The latest Blessing 3 comes equipped with an advanced hybrid driver configuration featuring 2 dynamic drivers and four high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side. Moondrop has designed the pair with an innovative new Horizontally Opposed dual dynamic module design equipping both the dynamic drivers in a horizontal manner. Blessing 3 continues the legacy of the physical crossover of the Blessing series with a precisely designed 3D-printed acoustic cavity structure. Matched with new generation electronic crossover, The Blessing 3 packs an impressive sound performance with ultra-low distortion, and cleaner output capable of taking your listening experience to an all-new level of awesomeness!! Next-Generation From An Iconic Series:- Blessing series of hybrid IEM is one of the most successful series of in-ear monitors from Moondrop. The Blessing 3 is the 3rd generation of this successful series, implementing the research and development of many years in a precisely designed hybrid pair promising a top-quality sound experience for the listeners. Six Driver Advanced Hybrid Driver Configuration:- Moondrop has designed the latest Blessing 3 with an advanced six-driver hybrid configuration on each side. The pair houses a combination of two powerful dynamic driver units and four high-performance balanced armature driver units. The drivers are arranged together in a specially developed frequency crossover promising a pure sound with a balanced three-frequency response!! Specially-Developed Horizontally Opposed Dual Dynamic Driver module:- The Blessing 3 continues the legacy of physical crossover design with its specially developed 3D-printed acoustic cavity structure. The dual dynamic drivers inside the cavity are placed in a horizontal manner parallel to each other. Moondrop has featured dual 10mm dynamic driver units on the Blessing 3 that together with its horizontal parallel implementation produces a strong lower-end response with less distortion. Precise Designed 3D Printed Acoustic Cavities:- Following the footsteps of previous models, the latest Blessing 3 features specially designed 3D printed acoustic cavities. The shells are crafted using a high-precision process achieving a premium finish with an ergonomic shape that contributes to achieving a good fit for the users. Moondrop adopts high-quality skin-friendly Resin material to craft ergonomic and lightweight shells. The entire cavity is printed using 3D printing technology including the ear nozzle. Moondrop has cooperated with leading 3D printing suppliers for the Blessing 3!! Stunning Finish With Stainless Steel Face Covers:- Moondrop Blessing 3 looks extraordinary with stunning stainless steel face covers. The pair has an eye-catchy design, matched with a comfortable fit, it hits the sweet spot in everyone’s collection.


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