Moondrop Droplet USB-C Balanced Armature Driver Earphone

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Features:- >Inspired by Popular Science Fiction “Three-Body Problem”. >Premium Single Balanced Armature Driver Configuration. >CNC Machined Chrome-Plated Brass Ear Shells. >USB Type-C Termination. >Built-in DSP Profile. >Integrated Decoding And Amplification Circuits. >Full-Frequency Nozzle less Balanced Armature Driver Unit. >Uncompromised Sound-Quality With Professional Tuning Adjustments. >Clear & Precise Sound Performance. >Tuned in-line with VDSF Target Response Curve. >High-Quality MEMS Microphone & In-Line Media Controls. Technical Specifications:- >Model Name: Drople USB-C Balanced Armature Driver IEMs. >Driver: Full-Frequency Balanced Armature Driver Unit. >THD+N: ≤1%@1kHz. >Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz. —SpecificationsSplit— Moondrop Droplet is a brand new single balanced armature driver IEM designed with a DSP Type-C profile. The pair is inspired by the popular science fiction called the “Three-Body Problem” by Liu Cixin. With its special DSP profile, the Droplet produces outstanding sound with just a single full-range balanced armature driver unit. The pair features unique drop-shaped ear shells made using a CNC machining process and chrome-plating process with high-quality brass ear shells. Its super compact design is highly comfortable and serves amazingly well for the users!! Single Balanced Armature Driver Producing Magical Sound:- Moondrop has designed the Droplet with a customized full-frequency nozzle-less balanced armature driver configuration. With professional adjustments and DSP profile, the brand has achieved outstanding sound capabilities with the pair promising a pure high-resolution sound for the users. Optimised Digital Signal Processing:- Moondrop Droplet has got outstanding sound characteristics with the help of professionally adjusted DSP(Digital Sound Processing) Technology. The USB Type-C termination has a built-in decoding and amplification chipset, that simplifies the portable system with the amazing Droplet. Professional Sound Adjustments Following Moondrop’s VDSF Tuning Response:- The Moondrop VDSF Target Response is a parametric target response that delivers outstanding sound with an open soundstage and detailed sound characteristics. The latest Droplet has been tuned following the same target response, the pair packs a wonderful sound experience for its users in a super compact form factor. High-Quality CNC Machined Metallic Ear Shells:- Moondrop Droplet has got rich ear shells designed using a high-quality CNC machining process. They are made up of solid brass material carved from Brass using a high-precision CNC machining process and later finished with chrome plating with a smooth and shiny surfaces. Don’t get fooled by the compact size of the Droplet’s ear shells, they are robust and are highly durable.


Moondrop Droplet

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