Moondrop MIS-Tip Sponge Eartips for KXXS/ Spaceship/S8/blessing 2 Earphone

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Moondrop needs no introduction, they are the leading manufacturers of high-quality in-ear monitors. They always pack their products with the best quality ear tips. Now they are making their ear tips available to purchase separately too. Presenting you Moondrop MIS-Tips Sponge Ear Tips. These are crafted for supreme comfort and proper noise isolation from the background noises. Ear tips greatly help you in providing a comfortable fit and isolation. Moondrop MIS-Tips are made up of high-quality foam material. They greatly enhance your experience with enhanced bass and controlled treble. Staging also gets a good 3D treatment with the Moondrop MIS-Tips Ear tips. Available in two different models:- T41: inside diameter: 4.1mm. T55: inside diameter: 5.5mm. Both the T41 and T55 are available in three different sizes, L/M/S. T41 is suitable for earphones with a catheter diameter of 4.4-5.8mm, suitable for KXXS, Spaceship, Starfield, and more. T55 is suitable for earphones with a catheter diameter of 6-7mm, suitable for S8, Solis, Blessing 2, Blessing 2 Dusk, A8, and more. Reminder: If the order quantity is 1, then you will get 1 pair of eartips.  


T41-S, T55-L, T41-M, T55-M, T55-S, T41-L

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