Moondrop Solis 4BA + 2EST Hybrid In-Ear Hi-end eaphones

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Solis 4BA+2EST In-Ear earphone Unique style High-end In ear monitor 2EST+4BA composite structure for each side Its combination presents you a gorgeous electrostatic flavor.  The design symbolizes the great totem It is derived from the gold foil of “Sun Bird” in Jinsha Ruins, Chengdu, Sichuan, which interprets the sun worship of ancient Suchuan people in two thousand years ago, also shows the incredible ancient craftsmanship to the world. Solis integrated the totem of the “Sun Bird” into the design, which shows the great, magnificent, and epic beauty with the superb craftsmanship. Superb craftsmanship, handcrafted All of Solis are handmade by skilled technicians. After dozens of procedures and more than ten hours of precision knife molds, then exquisite masterpieces are presented to the customers.  2 Low, 2 Mid, and 2 High frequency The balanced three – frequency structure Solis adopts 2 Danish acoustic electrostatic driver for treble, 2 Softears custom midfrequency BA drivers for midfrequency, and 2 Acoustic low-frequency BA drivers with shared extra cavity for bass. Its frequency division idea emphasizes the match and cooperation of the BA driver and electrostatic driver, to fully display the tone of an electrostatic driver, instead of piling up in quantities. The tuning is for paying tribute to the sound style of traditional electrostatic earphones The goal for the Solis’ tuning is to reproduce the gorgeous and smooth sound style of traditional electrostatic earphones with a miniature electrostatic and BA driver. This unique design idea, which is completely different from other similar products on the market, makes Solis featured with unique sound performance, showing the sound of tribute to traditional electrostatic earphones.  SPEC:  Impedance: 7.5Ω±15% (@1khz) Sensitivity: 120dB/Vrms(@1khz) Frequency response: 20Hz-45000 Hz (free field. 1/4 inch MIC) Effective frequency response: 20Hz-20000 Hz (IEC60318-4) Detachable cable interface: 0.78-2pin High frequency: Sonion EST (electrostatic) Mid-frequency: Softears D-MID-A Low frequency: Sonion 37Series  


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